Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Annual Spit Blood Live Blog Morning After Round Up.

Well that certainly escalated every bit as intoxicatingly useless as I imagined it would. Sorry guys, that's likely the first and last alcohol infused spitblood live blog that will ever grace these interwebs as I'm pretty sure my marriage and my liver can't handle another one. Also, I went back and did a TEENCY bit of editing to a few of the postings; adults who know my mother read this site, after all. Plus, just a little reward for those who followed this thing live. You know who you are.

From what I can tell, though? I was puuuuuuurdy angry and had some interesting insight on the coach/player relationship between Sonny Dykes and Colby Cameron, a sentiment that was necessarily redacted this morning. Oh, and apparently I completely turned against my own race in the fight to stop Hunter Lee. Reverse Xenophobia... it happens. One of the commenters suggested that this was the ugliest TCU win of all time... and I can't disagree. Partly because it's true, but mostly because I don't really remember a whole lot, if you couldn't tell by the lack of lucidity in my later posts.

But, a win is still a win, right? And I think we can all agree that Louisiana Tech was a much better team that we gave them credit for. Despite my incoherent rantings, I always internally maintained we were going to win the game, and it really never felt out of our grasp... but WHOO they made it a little too interesting, didn't they?

Statistically, it was EXTREMELY even outside of TOP, which we dominated, and penalty yardage, which we also, unfortunately, dominated. Casey Pachall did not dominate, but would've done more had his receivers made a few more catches, although he short armed some throws as well. When all was said and he done he set the school records for completion percentage and yardage and his game winning pass to Skye Dawson helped redeem an early drop that potentially would've gone for another 6.

Can't say I'll be sad to see our graduating members of the secondary go. Colby Cameron tossed for 264 yards, but would've had significantly more was he not in the habit of throwing 10 yards over the heads of his receivers for most of the night. I'm not sure if losing Chad Glasgow had anything to do with the decline, but if there's even the slightest chance BRING HIM BACK! I hear he's looking.

I'll be honest - a recap is not in me right now, by any means, as my soul is circling a toilet bowl right now. The bottom line is we gutted out a win in a game we probably didn't deserve and made just enough plays to enter the Big 12 on an 8 game win streak. It's all we could really ask for. Plus, I took Louisiana Tech and 10.5 points! Wins all around!

You guys recap it in the comments.

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