Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Watch out, TCU record book!

The potential for records to fall is there any time a team takes the field, but a number of high-profile TCU football records look like they may be broken- or at least equalled- in tomorrow night's Poinsettia Bowl against Louisiana Tech. The three guys to watch are sophomore quarterback Casey Pachall, sophomore wide receiver Josh Boyce and head coach Gary Patterson.

I'll start by detailing the records that Pachall has a chance to break, since they were set so recently by Andy Dalton and we didn't really expect The Sleeve to come in and knock them down in year one as a starter. Most likely to be his by the end of tomorrow night is the TCU single-season record for completion percentage. Dalton's immaculate 66.1% rate from last year look like it would stand for a while, but Pachall ended the regular season with a completion percentage of 67.8%. Knock on wood, but even if Pachall matched his worst game of the season (13 of 23 against BYU), he would still break Dalton's record. Also very likely to fall is the single-season completion record, which currently stands at 222- set by Dalton in his freshman season of 2007. Pachall sits at 213 for the season currently, so with 10 complete passes tomorrow night that record will also be his.

Dalton's single-season mark of 2,857 passing yards is also in jeopardy, as Pachall traveled out to San Diego with 2,715 already in his pocket. He'll break the record with 142 yards against Louisiana Tech, and has a decent chance of becoming the first TCU quarterback to throw for 3,000 yards in a season. With three touchdown passes (a feat he reached four times in 2010), Pachall will match Dalton's record of 27- set last year. I'd say that is the least likely of his potential records, unless you include the single-season attempts record- which he would need 58 (16 more than his career high) in tomorrow's game to break.

With a touchdown reception in the bowl game, Josh Boyce would tie Jeremy Kerley (2010) and Mike Renfro (1977) for the school record of 10 in a single season. And with a big game, he has a chance to break two more receiving records as well. With 9 receptions, he would break the single-season receptions record of 64, set by All-American TE Kelly Blackwell in both 1990 and 1991. With 68 yards, he would become just the second player in TCU history to record 1,000 receiving yards in one season. With 81, he'd break Reggie Harrell's 2003 record of 1,012.

Last but certainly not least, GP has a chance to tie a school record that for generations looked as though it would never even be approached. Dutch Meyer accumulated 109 wins at TCU from 1934 until 1952, claiming three Southwest Conference titles and two National Championships. His successor, Abe Martin, won 76 games from 1953 until 1966. After those two and until Patterson, the highest win total by a TCU head coach was produced by Jim Wacker, who won 40 games from 1983-1991. Now in his 11th full year as the head coach of the Horned Frogs, Gary Patterson stands at 108 victories- one shy of Dutch Meyer's record. A win tomorrow night would tie the record, and give Patterson a chance to break it next year as part of the Big 12.

Hicks out for Poinsettia Bowl

Stefan Stevenson of the Star-Telegram is reporting that Antoine Hicks will miss the Poinsettia Bowl due to an unspecified violation of school policy. Hicks was the Frogs' third leading receiver as a senior this year, meaning his TCU career is now over with 1,069 total receiving yards on 76 catches. He also scored 17 touchdowns in his time as a Horned Frog. True freshman David Porter (5 catches, 87 yards, 2 TDs) is expected to take Hicks' place in the starting line up.

Did Craig James Kill 5 Hookers While At SMU?

Craig James rigged the BCS, now he's rigging the internet.

Seems as though Craig James is using his new found run in the senate to battle some skeletons in his closet. When Googling Craig James I'm no longer presented with Google's guess that he may have killed 5 hookers while at SMU.

Did he manage to buy out the almighty Google?

Did Al Gore give Craig James behind the scenes access to the internet so he could hide the evidence?

Either way, we must right this ship. My guess is as good as yours if Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU.

Do you think Craig James killed 5 hookers while at SMU?

It's probably worth a lengthy discussion on this board. I mean, he is running for a seat in the senate. If Craig James did in fact kill 5 hookers while at SMU, I think it's something we should know about.

TCU Hoops Get Their Setback On.

Hint: TCU is the janitor.

Welp, so much for all that optimism. Nine days after coming up short against Nebraska for the billionth year in a row, the Frogs came out flat in Southern California and were ultimately run off the floor by a final score of 83-59. The Frogs never held a lead in the game and were at one point trailing by 27 before cutting it to the final 24 point margin. Hank Thorns and Craig Williams were the only Frogs in double figures and they turned the ball over 20 times as a team while only forcing 4 of their own. That last figure right there is the recipe for total and complete basketFAIL.

Seeing as how TCU games haven't quite become the national television draw of, say, Duke or Kansas, like all of you I wasn't able to watch it, forced to follow along with sporadic Sportacular updates on my phone until I went to bed sometime in the first half. But, considering the Frogs were never able to pull within 10 after the half, I think I can safely say I have no regrets for getting a good night's rest.

But even though this was clearly a one sided affair - USC won the turnover and assist battles and had 4 players score in double figures led by Maurice Jones' 25 - let's try and sugarcoat this thing just a bit. What the hell, I'm feeling generous.

Despite the discrepancy in the final score, TCU actually DID win the rebounding margin 30-28. They also... umm... ok, that's about the only happy thing.

Every team is due a game where they come out flat, nothing improves and they leave the gym with a severe beating by a superior squad. But should USC have really been 24 points better than TCU? Keep in mind, the Pac 12 is basically the Big East of the AQ Conferences in a basketball sense. In fact, it's possible to argue that the MWC could actually be stronger top to bottom. And USC is firmly at the bottom, not just of their conference, but of the entire NCAA. They came into the game averaging 56 points, 29 boards, 9.5 rebounds and an overall FG % of 42. Those first three numbers put them above 300 in the overall stat rankings. The Frogs came in averaging 14 more points, 4 more rebounds and 4 more assists per game. TCU has scored 70 or more points 7 times this season; USC lost to Cal Poly 42-36. FORTY TWO TO THIRTY SIX!! IN AN ENTIRE GAME!! The most points they'd scored all year was 66 against something called Cal State-Northridge. TCU didn't come into the game with impressive numbers on defense, but my GOD, man!! One blocked shot? ZERO steals?? That's not good for business. That's not good for anyone.

Admittedly, USC entered the game with one of the better defenses in the country, ranking 11th in allowing 55 points per game, but that's hardly an excuse for JR Cadot and Garlon Green, two of TCU's most dangerous scorers, combining for 11 points. Once again, the PGs didn't distribute - Thorns and Kyan Anderson combined for 7 - so that certainly played a role and it looks like if they want to be clutch they're going to have to create their own shots. Green is capable, but I'm not sure Cadot is. This makes me pretty nervous going forward. However, the most abject failure is certainly the inability of TCU to stop an anemic offense like the one USC ran out last night, and that does not bode well for the season going forward.

Hopefully this is just what I referred to it in the title - a setback. Not an implosion. Not a season ender. Just a setback. The Frogs have a favorable schedule coming up over the next month and have the potential to enter Conference play on a high note. But still... even a sub par TCU team should've beaten this particular squad of Trojans by double figures. Just an absolutely disastrous outing. The general consensus is that Jim Christian is "The Guy" for our program. If that's the case, he's really got his work cut out for him after this one. Check the MWC standings - UNLV is ranked, SDSU is on the cusp and Wyoming has already won 11 games. Heck, New Mexico is expected to challenge and they're in fourth! Even presumed cellar dweller Boise is only one game away from double figures in wins, something TCU BARELY saw at all last year. I hate to take a 2 game slide and turn it into a doomsday scenario, but unless the Frogs can run off four straight against Grambling, Tulsa, Rice and Pan American to build some confidence, it could be another in an illustrious line of long seasons at Daniel Meyer.

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I want to give credit where credit is due: all of these photographs were taken by photographer Brandon Wade and stolen from the Star-Telegram website. Enjoy:

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