Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bah! Humbug!

So.... San Diego... Poin(tless)settia Bowl. Yay.

The positives: San Diego has nice weather, the rest of the season turned out to beat expectations, CGP now has the chance to tie Dutch Meyer's career win total this year.

The negatives: Nobody cares about this bowl, nobody cares about Louisiana Tech (no offense, LaTech), this is a colossal let down after this season, we'll most likely lose money on this deal.

I guess it's nice that we have gotten to the point that when we get invited to certain bowl games that it feels like punishment. That means we're accustomed to success and reaching lofty spots. And it probably sounds pretty pissy that we're complaining about this at all, but screw it.

Of all the locations that were potential destinations before the final BCS Poll came out (New Orleans, Vegas, San Diego, Shreveport), San Diego was I think, most folks least wanted. Even without the largely unlikely Sugar Bowl, Vegas is a party spot and Shreveport is within driving distance. San Diego.... been there, done that.

The rumor is that Vegas doesn't think Frog fans travel well (guess they haven't seen that aerial shot of the Rose Bowl last year). Most Frog fans and Alumni I know would be all over dropping bills in Vegas. Gambling... booze... all the stuff that the bowl's preferred BYU supporters wouldn't touch. And I guess that they figure more Tater Ponies will make the 500 miles to watch BSU play than would Frog Fans traveling 1000 miles. Never mind that neither distance can be described as "close". But hey, there ain't shit to do in Boise so I'm sure they'll go to Vegas so they can watch the Mouth Breather play one more time.

I really didn't feel like we earned a BCS spot anyway and I really just didn't want the Tater Ponies to get one. I mean, I don't really give a rat's ass about any game from here on out that the Frogs aren't in... but damn... this is just beyond disappointing.

I guess the players will enjoy playing one more game, but I also gotta figure that the Seniors, having been to the Rose Bowl, are kinda "meh." And most any Big12 bowl will be more exciting than this one so the guys coming back have something to look forward to. But will they really be overly motivated for a Monday night game just after Finals Week and just before Christmas? Hell, I think I'd just say screw it, I'm done with class and I'm going to go home and play Xbox til my thumbs fall off.

Two weeks from tomorrow... one of the selling points of the bowl season is the "extra practice time" the NCAA allows... wow... 2 weeks, one of those being Finals Week.

If this Bowl game operates the way most bowls do, we won't make much and will most likely lose money on the deal. This is an opponent that if they were on our regular season schedule would have other programs accusing us of scheduling cupcakes. Is there really a good reason to play this game?

I kinda wish we woulda just said, "Nah... that doesn't really appeal to us. We'll just spend more time on Finals and enjoy the extra time at home with our families than play in your utterly pointless exhibition."

Seriously, do we really get anything by playing in this useless handout bowl?