Sunday, November 13, 2011

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Gracious Winner/Sore Winner

The gracious winner says:

It's a true testament to how far the Boise State program has come when the fans of a team that won the Rose Bowl just over 10 months ago are celebrating a win over the Broncos with nearly the same amount of fervor as the afore-mentioned victory in Pasadena. The Broncos have one of the best coaches in the country in Chris Petersen, one of the best quarterbacks in the country in Kellen Moore and play their home games in one of the hardest places in the country for visiting teams to win. Like TCU, Boise State has succeeded at an elite level even while having the deck stacked against them.

Even suffering multiple key injuries, the Broncos fought the Frogs tooth and nail all the way until the clock read 0:00. Moore, as usual, was deadly with his arm and showed why he's won more games than any other FBS quarterback. Despite losing their top two pass-catchers from a year ago, the Boise receiving corps has simply replaced them with a plethora of playmakers that keep opposing fans feeling uneasy any time the ball is in the air. DJ Harper may have put together one of the very best performances ever by a running back against a Gary Patterson defense.

TCU fans can empathize with you having been so close to victory, only to see it disappear right before your eyes. We watched our own team miss two field goals that would've sent the Frogs to the BCS in 2008, and do remember that our beloved Texas Rangers came within one strike of their first World Series title twice just a few weeks ago. So keep your head up, because you've got a great team and a great program that will have plenty more chances at glory for years to come.

The sore winner says:

Remember how hard you'd laugh at the kid that struck out in tee-ball? Well that's you, Boise. Things couldn't have been teed up for the Broncos any more than they were. For one, the MWC administration showed just how bush league and childish they could be by moving this game from Fort Worth to Boise. Then the officials prolonged two of your drives with phantom defensive holding calls and then gift-wrapped a chance to win after a completely bogus pass interference call on 4th down. It was in the conference's best interest for the Broncos to make it to a BCS game this year, and they did everything they could to hand it to you. Too bad they didn't provide you with a kicker any better than, say, me.

The extent to which you all deify and get defensive about your blue astroturf is comical on a level that I thought only Texas A&M fans could reach. Putting that field in was, at the time, an effective marketing stunt for an attention-starved program. Now that your program has matured and gained notoriety for its numerous victories, it's time to grow up and put away your Arena League carpet. When you all claim that critics of the field are "just jealous" or that they believe it presents an unfair advantage, you sound like members of a cult who can't understand logic or reason. No, your opponents aren't scared of your field. It's just so unbelievably tacky and it gives TV viewers migraines. I bet a lot of you have blue Christmas trees, because you're the Cousin Eddie of college football.

After watching Byron Hout's despicable attempt to injure our quarterback, I decided that he probably deserved to get his clock cleaned by LeGarrette Blount a few years back. Seriously, there is no place in college football for that behavior, and Hout should at least be suspended for the Broncos' next game if not for the remainder of the year.

I know you all thought you'd just waltz in and rule the Mountain West the way you did the WAC, especially after getting the TCU game moved to your stadium and the Horned Frogs showing some weakness do to inexperience early on in the year. But the fact of the matter is, your team isn't as infallible as you think and Gary Patterson is simply a better coach than Chris Petersen.

Pachall, Boyce and Carter. All day long. Enjoy 2nd place.

Damn straight... It takes some courage, some determination, some fierce killer instinct, some sleeve tats and a Dalton mohawk plus++ to do what our young reptilian brothers have just done.

This game alone; in concrete, shows how serious we are about T-C-U football in the state of Texas in the United States of America. God bless our veterans.

To be honest with y'all, I got a Froner when I looked at Casey's numbers from today. Damn tremendous. But the whole young gun team deserves a finger clap or two.

I could rattle off names and benchmark achievements until sun rise, but I'll leave that to our award winning sportscasting writers.

Great job boys, I mean "men". But know it doesn't stop here, Expectations haven't changed and that chip will never leave your shoulder.

-Crazy D - out

Video by Stefan Stevenson of the Star-T