Saturday, November 12, 2011

TCU 36, Boise State 35

Two hands, Kellen. One hand can't handle all of that mouth-breath.


It definitely didn't play out as any of us had predicted, but oh my what a win for the Frogs! If you'd told me that we'd lose so bad in time of possession, have 33 yards rushing, have as many fumbles as we'd have AND as many TERRIBLE calls go against us, I'd guess that we'd be mourning a 30-40 point loss.

But that's because we under-estimated the arm of one Casey Pachall, and he lit up the Boise defense for nearly 500 yards and ended up out-dueling Casey Affleck and the Broncos, ruining the perfect season of Boise state in a thrilling 36-35 victory.

We've got plenty more coverage of this momentous win to come, including what I'm sure will be a thorough recap from Sir Wesley Willis and a new segment I like to call "Gracious Winner/Sore Winner" that I hope to hammer out tomorrow. I'll also be perusing the Boise State boards for some good "Sour Grapes" material. If you see any out there, please send it to I'l totally give you a shout-out.

I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to fall into a blissful sleep- entirely satisfied that our boycott on grody Idaho potatoes helped put the Frogs over the top. I'll also be fairly happy because I don't live in Boise. Double-scoreboard.


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