Monday, October 17, 2011

Frogs in the NFL: Roundup.

Andy Dalton is 4-2.

Former first round picks:

Mark Sanchez is 2-3.
Mike Vick is 2-4.
Donovan McNabb is 1-5.
sCam Newton is 1-5.
Sam Bradford is 1-5.
Blaine Gabbert's team is 1-5.
Tim Tebow is about to start for a 1-4 team. And lose. A lot.
Peyton Manning might be deceased.
And Vince Young now has 41 career TDs against 42 INTs.

Not bad for a red headed, average sized second rounder from TCU, a football program that is going to turn into a Vanderbilt sized pumpkin overnight when the clock strikes July 1.

That's really all you need to know from this weekend's action.

Sad News for the Horned Frog family

I was sorry to hear the news this morning that former Horned Frog tight end Cody McCarty passed away last night after an apparent heart attack. I did not know Cody personally during our shared time at TCU- although I know at least a few of our loyal readers did. He had been teaching and coaching in the Mansfield ISD, and is survived by a wife and two young daughters. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they deal with this tragedy.

Sour Grapes: Big East edition

When I got to the office this morning, I was surprised to see that FOURTEEN different people had emailed me the same story written by self-loathing Cincinnati fan Sam Weinberg. It would seem that TCU pissed in young Samuel's cheerios by spurning the Big East. I guess people expected me to tee off on the kid and the multiple holes in his little-man rant, but the 3rd inning of the Rangers' game on Saturday has put me in a happy place for a while. So I'm leaving it to you, readers of Spit Blood. Bonus points if you can get his Mom to come defend him in our comments section.

TCU: Way to waste $5 million by Samuel Weinberg

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