Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Frogs in the NFL: Weekend Preview.

Due to popular demand from our AWARD WINNING commenters, here is the initial installment of the Frogs in the NFL. It may be pretty hard to tell from the context clues but this post is going to, you guessed it, preview the NFL games of the weekend that prominently feature ex-TCU players. It feels kind of wrong not being able to do the Top 25 Preview, which is probably because it's been over 2 years since it has been absent. Memories...

Anyway, let's get to it!

KC Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts. Noon. CBS.

Player to Watch: Jerry Hughes, Colts DE.

Whew boy, what a stinker. The Chiefs made to look it two wins in a row - and for the season - against winless teams while the Colts continue their slide towards Andrew Luck and secretly curse Peyton Manning for taking the money THEN having surgery. Clever girl. Hughes hasn't had anywhere near the impact the Colts organization expected of him as a first round pick, but it also hasn't helped that he's been slotted behind bad aces Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. He's only seen action in three of the Colts four games to date and has two tackles and one sack. The Colts are pretty desperate for a win here, too, so unless things are out of hand, I wouldn't keep your eye on this one TOO hard because he's likely not playing.

Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings. Noon. Fox.

Player to Watch: Daryl Washington, Cardinals LB.

Poor Vikingfrog. Not only are the Frogs terrible, but his childhood team got McNabb'd to the tune of 0-4, including a meltdown against Detroit and a loss to lowly KC. Take it from me - it's a lot more fun to hate your QB than love your team. It's Tony Romo's biggest contribution to the Cowboys fanbase. But anyway, Daryl Washington has had a nice year for the Cards so far, tallying 18 tackles, a sack and a pick. Despite being 0-4 McNabb has only thrown two picks on the year, so I wouldn't bank on that, but it SHOULD be fun watching Wash go up against Adrian Peterson. The Cards have a much stronger run defense than pass; the Vikes have a much stronger run offense than pass. I'm thinking "under."

Seattle Seahawks @ NYG. Noon. Fox.

Players to Watch: David Hawthorne, Seahawks LB; Clint Gresham, Seahawks LS.

Meh, this game will be lame because of the whole "West coast team playing an early game on the East Coast" factor. Despite that, it might be worth a look due to Hawthorne's rising star status on the Seahawks D. He has 22 tackles on the year and reading those numbers makes me frown that he and Washington aren't around anymore. Really, the Seahawks D is pretty decent. Unfortunately, the offense has Tarvaris-itis. The Giants continue to win games despite having major injury issues on both sides of the ball. Perhaps Hawthorne will have a crucial pick of Eli and help end the streak?

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville. Noon. CBS.

Players to Watch: Do I really need to remind you? Also, Drew Coleman, Jags DB.

To outside observers this one probably looks like the least essential game of the weekend, but don't be so sure. After all, Houston still has a team, right? I kid, I kid. Well, kind of. Anyway, with Blaine Gabbert officially taking over for the Jags this one pits two high round Rookie QB starters together for the first time this year. Gabbert did not start when Jacksonville faced the Panthers. Head to head, Dalton has a MAJOR edge, completing 72% of his passes for 868 yards and 4 scores vs. Gabbert's 33/387/2, good for making Jax the worst passing O in the league. Dalton and AJ Green have definitely gotten on the same page quickly as Green is already being mentioned as a ROY candidate. The Jags have fared well against the pass this year, givng up only 220 yards per game. Ironically, former Frog Drew Coleman is going to be the one looking to make Dalton's early afternoon difficult. Coleman is fifth on the Jags with 14 tackles and a sack. It's not appointment viewing, but if you have Sunday Ticket and you're trying to recover on the couch after staying up late after the Frogs game, it's worth a few clicks.

NYJ @ New England. 3:15PM. CBS.

Players to Watch: LDT; Jeremy Kerley, Jets S/T and WR.

Seeing as how LDT is a future Hall of Famer and a known quantity, I'm not sure what more you want to know about him. As for Kerley, he hasn't made a huge impact yet in the receiving game; in fact, he hasn't caught one pass. He has, however, established himself as the Jets primary punt returner, fielding 9 of them for an 11.7 yard average. Hopefully the Jets D can get a few stops and give him some opportunities.

That seems to be it.

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Among the many reasons that TCU fans should be thankful for having an AD like Chris Del Conte is how accessible he's made himself. I'm sure many of you saw him working the crowd in Lot 4 last weekend, and some of you probably marinated him in your awful beer breath while asking him some dumb question. His weekly Notes on a Scorecard column on has become a must-read, and his somewhat regularly-scheduled live chats are definitely not what you'd expect out of the average suit. There's another one of those today at 2:00pm, and you can submit your questions now by clicking here.

Someone got him to acknowledge Spit Blood last time, so it'd be pretty sweet if you could bait him into mentioning our new-found fame as AWARD-WINNING bloggers. It'd be even more sweet if one of you could get him to address the rumor that he was seen dining with Deloss Dodds in Austin last night...

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