Saturday, October 1, 2011

Immediate Rotten Reaction

I realize that others shall discuss the game in fine detail, this is my immediate hate filled reaction.
  • Worst Officiated Game I have ever seen. Seriously. I thought we'd get some shit from MWC Zebras in conference play, but I don't think even they can screw us as badly as those CUSA a-holes today. Really enjoyed the ballcap that matched SMU's uniforms and the umpire that became the Ponies actual 12th Man defender.
  • June Jones is a Grade A Douchebag. And he dresses like a homeless slob.
  • Our guys lacked intensity for most of the game. This is the effing Skillet! If that doesn't motivate you, we might as well just forfeit to Boise State Right now.
  • Coaching... I trust CGP without hesitation or reservation, but he has got to start riping those guys to pieces in practice. And I don't ever want to see an offensive scheme that conservative again. Did Schultz get rehired?
  • Skye Dawson... dude... we know you are a speed freak, but seriously... you need to play football and not try to run track during games. Catch the ball, hold on to the ball, and stop trying to zigzag because it just doesn't work.
  • SMU players and fans. Congrats... you managed to barely win against what may be our worst team in years. It took you overtime after blowing a 17 point lead and the most biased officiating ever to beat us. And we sucked. Seriously... congrats.
  • Game ball goes to Ross Evans who was the most well prepared looking guy on the field and the TCU Fans who (mostly) came, stayed, and were LOUD!
I'm not proud of our guys like I was after Baylor. They fought back from a bigger deficit, on the road, against a team that I can't argue against their ability. This was at home against a team that is not THAT good. Even with the officiating we should have been able to win this.

Now I'm going to get wasted and shout obscenities at neighborhood children.

The Big Purple Headed Horned Frog Computer - SMU

I'd like to apologize for his tardiness. BPHHFC took the information super highway to SMU campus to see what kind of viruses he could upload by jamming his USB in any and every port he could find.