Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sooners having second thoughts?

Did someone in Oklahoma finally read this thing or what?

Is it time for a "Not so fast, my friend" in terms of Oklahoma bolting for the Pac 12? The Daily Oklahoman is now reporting that OU is now considering staying in the Big 12...but with certain demands. Some of those include restrictions on the infamous Longhorn Network and one is that Dan Beebe gets the axe as conference commissioner.

As with just about any of these new "developments", it's hard to say what exactly this means for TCU. But that doesn't mean we aren't inviting you all to speculate away in our comments section. What say you?

Another Domino Falling?

It may be another nail in the coffin of the Big 12, but would it be good news for TCU? The Kansas City Star is reporting that there is an offer on the table for Missouri to join the SEC. Best of luck to the Tigers if this indeed true (although it's attributed to "a Mizzou booster who spoke directly to a MU official", so take that for what it's worth), but it sure does take a little bit of the luster off of a potential merger of Big 12 and Big East leftovers.

GP Press Conference at 12:30

Coach Patterson will be conducting his usual Tuesday press conference at 12:30pm, and you can watch it live just by CLICKING HERE. If you watch, give us a little recap of what was said in our comments section.

The Spitblood Mailsack

As promised earlier, I've decided to open up the ole mailsack and answer a few of your questions and comment on some of your opinions. Shockingly enough to me at least, especially after the Erik Miller debacle last week, there weren't really any negative emails, which is kind of disappointing, but at least it means you like us...right?!?!? Most of the emails consisted of pretty good questions or at least some thought provoking sentiments, and we really do appreciate the feedback and commentary from the readers. If I didn't answer your email, don't be discouraged. This won't be the last mailsack, unless of course you all cut off that line of communication with your esteemed Spitblood panel. Anyways, I'll start with quite possibly the most elaborate, most thought provoking email received. It was also the first real email received, so I think it needs it's proper attention at the top of this list...

The Finch (via his iphone) wrote...


Well, thanks, The Finch. Quite the attention grabber to help kickstart the whole mailsack process. This is the kind of witty banter and material that have caused this site to thrive under your wisdom and guidance over the past few years. We all understand the need for a test email, and it did say "Test" in the subject line, but I'm just happy you came at it with "poop" instead of questions concerning the secondary, injuries to the linebacking corps, or even some stadium renovation talk. I'll go ahead and put the likelihood at 90% that this email was actually sent while your buttocks was comfortably resting on a cold toilet seat.

"Tanner" wrote...

1. Do all of our new facilities, weight room, indoor practice field, stadium, underground torture chamber for Ross Evans, etc. and all the money spent on them translate into better players? I don't know what goes through the mind of athletes, but I guess I would be more concerned about whether I could win with the school I was looking at.

2. Can we get tshirts that say Texas F*ckin Christian? I think it would be fitting going into the BE.

Yes, Tanner, all of these new things listed do translate to better players, however if we actually do have a torture chamber reserved for a kicker, that might explain why we lost our last kicking recruit Chad Hedlund to Wake Forest last minute (that, or the grayshirt idea we tried on him). If you just look at the caliber of players we've been bringing in over the past few years in comparison to earlier in the Patterson era, it's like night and day. Seriously, just scroll through the years and see for yourself. I know rivals ratings aren't always spot on, but it's nice to see an improvement. As much as we all love the story of the 2-star running back recruit who gets here, works his ass off and becomes a star defensive end (yes, Jerry Hughes), for all of those success stories there have been plenty of failures as well. We are getting better recruits than we ever have before and the quality of play on the field reflects that. Look how many true freshman we have playing right now for us (6 last I checked). That's more than ever before, and it's because these kids can flat out play. There will be growing pains associated with all of our young talent just like there is anywhere, but can you imagine what this squad is going to look like a couple years down the road? Get excited.

As for the "Texas F*cking Christian" t-shirt idea- I laughed my ass off when I read this, because I too just saw this on my espn...

However, Tanner, for several obvious reasons, let's not make those, since it won't be fitting going into the Big East since the Big East is a sinking ship right now it would appear.

"Cro-Magnon Frog" wrote...

Has spitblood ever considered having a weekly pool question on the side bar. It can be about anything TCU related or not.
example) What team on our schedule do you hate the most?
a) Baylor
b) Boise
c) SMU
d) BYU
Just a thought to make the site even more interactive and could drive some good discussion toward section V

Maybe "D" can answer that in the comments section, since he is the brains behind the spitblood design. I myself am a technotard and can barely work blogger, so I won't be doing that. I will answer your poll question though- E) All of the above. Actually I'd probably choose Baylor right now, but ask me a week from now and it'll probably be SMU, then in November it'll be Boise. BYU sucks too bad to hate that much. Seriously, can they even compete with us anymore? Oh, and the Section V thing- we've tried a little bit, but we cant seem to get that really going, so I think we've given up...for now.

"bscooter26" wrote...


Why does it seem like other programs like Miami (FL) and Ohio St are getting nothing more than a slap on the wrist, when USC got absolutely reamed by the NCAA? In the case of Miami, there were many people involved, including players, coaches, and administration that received cash and other extensive benefits. Hell, that Shapiro guy even tried to fight the compliance officer, and what to they get? A few players get somewhere between a 1-8 game suspension and have to repay their benefits. Is there something that I'm missing here, such as the investigation/punishments handed out aren't completed yet?

Patience, bscooter. I don't see how Ohio State and especially Miami can't go down in flames for what they did, but you have to remember how long it takes the NCAA to work on these things. I mean, Reggie Bush was a key cog in the USC fucked-upness, but he was nowhere near campus when the shit hit the fan. In fact, the people who got punished were pretty much Lane Kiffin and a bunch of kids who didn't have shit to do with it. I'm sure Ohio St. will get slapped with some pretty substantial probation about the time Terrelle Pryor retires from the NFL, and Miami will be in even more trouble, but it probably won't be until Nevin Shapiro gets out of jail. Seriously though, what's worse- Miami and their stripper/whore parties full of drugs and douchebaggery, or Ohio State slangin jerseys for free tattoos? I hate Ohio State more than anything, but hopefully the NCAA gets Miami worse than the Buckeyes. They already lost that twerp in a sweater-vest.

"Joe" said...

Keep up the great work. You guys are funny as hell.


Thank you, Joe. I have to agree with you, and think this is probably the most accurate email that we received over the past few weeks. You are a very knowledgeable reader and feel free to continue to send ego-boosting emails. I'm gonna go pat myself on the back now.

"Austin" wrote...

First of all, don't be confused about my @ttu.edu account. While I am a student at Tech, I am a Law student at Tech. I went to TCU.

Second of all, I enjoy reading spitblood. I have the app and it is part of my daily routine to drop in and read the posts. Eff those guys that started that new blog and ranked y'all last. Haters.

Third, conference realignment sucks. I want to throw out my prediction and see if y'all are thinking along the same lines as me.

I see two scenarios where the frogs end up Ok. I'm not necessarily confident in either. The third scenario, and the more likely scenario in my opinion, is that we end up on the outside looking in.

Scenario 1: Superconferences don't form for another 1-10 years - In this scenario, The ACC expands to 16 taking Uconn and some other BE team, The PAC expands to 16 taking OU-OSU-UT-TTU, the SEC expands to 14 taking either WVU or Mizzou, and the B12 stands pat waiting on ND to decide to get rid of their independence. The 3 or 4 remaining BE teams join up with the 5 or 6 remaining B12 teams and bring in some combo of BYU, Boise, AF, SMU, Houston, ECU, UCF, etc to get to 10 or 12 teams (whichever the TV execs say will offer the most money) and we hold onto an AQ spot. This conference lasts for 1-10 years until ND decides to join the B1G and the 4x16 conferences truly form. Hopefully at that point, we can manage to be the 16th team in the SEC.

Scenario 2: Superconferences form immediately - In this scenario, the ACC and PAC behave the exact same way as in scenario 1, but the SEC, B1G, and ND decide now is the time to go to 4x16 conferences. In this case, we have to hope that the SEC sees us as the best of the rest to be the 16th team. I think there is a shot that we are that team. We will be competing against some combo of Baylor, Iowa State, BYU, Boise, USF, Air Force, and Cincy. Its hard to figure out who will be left because you don't know how everyone will respond. But if these are the teams we are competing against, I think there is SOME chance that we make the cut.

Scenario 3: Doomsday - Superconferences form immediately and we are the 65-69th best team on the board when the music stops. If this happens, we have to hope that the post season isn't completely closed off to everyone except the 64 teams in the top conference. It most likely will be, though. And even if the post season is still theoretically available, all of the money and recruits will flock to those 4x16 conferences even more than they do in the current set-up, and the teams that we are better than right now will start to get all of the Texas recruits that we were starting to get. We will eventually fall back into irrelevance as our income dwindles, sponsorships fall away, and recruits realize we are on the outside looking in. In this scenario, our only hope is that some sort of anti-trust lawsuit blows the whole idea up and we have some sort of altruistic college football revival. This is, I'm afraid, where we are headed. And I'm not counting on any lawsuit being able to break up the 4x16 conference deal.

Your thoughts?

Thanks for the email Austin, but let's shorten it next time. I'll make up for your long email with a pretty short answer though. I don't want to get all caught up in the college football realignment talk because it gives me tired-head and there's nothing I can speculate that will be anywhere close to right. However, I did see the movie Armageddon and everything turned out just fine there unless you're Bruce Willis, and I consider Baylor to be the Bruce Willis of college football realignment. I also appreciate that you've infiltrated the Tech email system. Use that to our advantage and start hacking into athletic dept. emails and sending hate mail to the PAC-12. Maybe they'll say FU to Tech and then give us a call.

"General125" wrote...

Every now and then you all reference the eastern front. Since you don't want to hate on some I-AA school, how about explaining the reference?

The "eastern bloc" or "eastern front" references on this site refer to the "other" TCU site. Since you cant write "spitblood" on there without them removing it or whatever the Hell they do to it, we will pay them the same courtesy of not saying their name on here. I'll give you a hint though- its got a message board full of grumpy old men and it's leader likes jean shorts, shin high tube socks, and sweating too much. If you can't see the obvious similarities between that site and this, then you need to take a few more history classes.

"VikingFrog" wrote...

Did Ross Evan's testicles fail to descend during puberty?

It took you until puberty until your testicles descended? Minnesota...what a weird place. I'll lay off Evans, not because I want to, but why beat a dead horse. Miss one more FG under 30 yards again and I'll make that Erik Miller tirade I went on look like a letter of recommendation. Got it, Ross?

"Lalo" wrote...

Bold prediction, finish the sentence. With BigXII dying, and big east on the way, TCU goes to the _______?

Seriously, there's no reason to even worry about it. CDC and GP will save us.

So that's it for the first mailsack. Hopefully the readers continue to send in emails because I enjoyed doing this a lot more than I would've if I had been forced to find reasons to convince all of you to hate Portland State. Don't be bashful either. If you don't agree with something we say or do, feel free to let us know, and we will be sure to pick it apart and tell you why you are wrong (kidding...kind of). I'll be back on Thursday as usual with Players to Watch. Until then, please step back from the ledge and know that things will continue to get a lot better as a TCU fan. You've gotta believe. I mean, if the Mavericks and that drunk, gay German can win a championship anyone can, right???

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