Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adding Insult to Injury.

Not a great day to be a TCU fan. Following up the most hollow three TD victory of all time comes the news that Syracuse and Pitt have officially applied for membership in the ACC. The ACC confirms this and also confirms that 8 other teams have been in contact with the Conference. By all accounts, Syracuse and Pitt leaving is a done deal.

This Conference expansion BS is going to continue unabated until the coming of the super conferences it would appear, but what does this latest news mean for us? Considering ESPN has been running direct quotes from CDC on the ticker where he expresses that he is "worried about the future of the Big East," it doesn't sound good. However, here are all of the rumors that are circling around:

  • Baylor and Iowa State have reached out to the Big East in the event that the Big 12 implodes. We laugh and scoff, but sadly, if Cuse and Pitt leave, the BE won't exactly be operating from a position of strength. It's not ideal, but if it holds things together we may have to, although it would seem like you'd try and rope in the Kansas schools as well. Missouri remains a wild card but they will likely have SEC or Big Ten options.
  • It has long been rumored that Texas would consider going to the ACC because joining that Conference would allow them to keep the LHN, but the latest I heard is that the ACC does NOT want Tetch. So now the Horns are back to the drawing board. Pac 12 is likely an option but would they want the Raiders? And considering the LHN is the root cause of all of this current bullshit, would Texas swallow their pride and undercut their own sweetheart deal? Doubtful, but desperate times require desperate measures.
  • The Big 12 is considering going on the offensive to keep OU and OSU and wants to bump back to 12 teams by adding 3. Three names that have been tossed out in all seriousness are BYU, Louisville and TCU. I'm skeptical, and I do not want to go to the Bevo 12, but if the Big East goes to hell, we would have to consider all options, including this one. But that is assuming it would be on the table which, again, I don't see it. Then again, if all of this keeps spinning out of control the Big 12 will need to present the networks with the most attractive possible product. If it's between us, SMU and/or Houston... you be the judge.
  • I have also heard that the ACC is interested in Rutgers and that WVU could be an SEC expansion candidate. I would have to think the ACC would be interested as well.
Not exactly the news we all want to hear right now, but this shit is going to get a lot worse before it ever gets better. Let's just hope CDC isn't in over his head. I picture him sitting in his office, a cigarette burned down between those spray tanned fingers with a phone in each ear. But he's more than likely in his personal bomb shelter, hugging his knees and sobbing silently. or maybe that's just me.

Saving Ross Evans

The Heimlich Maneuver...

Will someone please use this on Ross Evans before it's too late?