Monday, August 29, 2011

East side renovation approved

According to Mark Cohen's twitter feed (@TCUSID), TCU's board of directors has just approved the east side renovations for Amon Carter. The new side will feature a second deck similar to what was just added in the north endzone. No word on how that will impact section V, but there is a rumor that the student section will take over the lower deck seats directly behind the vistor's bench.

We got weather comin' in

"We do not have homosexuals at our school. At Baylor we do not have this phenomenon. I don't know who's told you we have this." -Baylor University president Ken Starr, who is probably not able to prove that blowjobs happen on his campus, either...

When Friday's season opener first moved into the range of the Weather Channel's 10-day forecasts, it looked like the Frogs and Bears would be playing each other in the same weather that we've had for the past three months: hot, dry and miserable. Not a big deal, I can handle sweating a little bit and you know GP's teams can deal with the heat better than Art Briles'.

But it looks as though Mother Nature my have finally found the kryptonite for the high-pressure system that has kept the Lone Star State hostage this summer. The revised forecast for Friday in Waco calls for a high of 94 degrees and a 40% chance of rain during day, 30% at night and humidity of up to 64%.

It is usually said that rain can increase the odds of an upset, but I'll let you debate whether or not that's true and which of these teams would fair better in the slop. After reading a study that said that as many as 37% of Baylor students were forced to enroll there by parents who wanted them to pray the gay away*, I'm holding out hope of seeing a re-enactment of everybody's favorite t.A.T.u. video.

*-it's not working:

See You In Waco Bitches

In honor of my love for movies and everything that is Horned Frog, I am going to try and produce some fun content this season at least once a week for you avid Spitblood readers. (as a recently married person I can't promise this will happen, but I'm going to try)

Most will be a pre game video that sends a message to our enemies. Messages such as "you guys are super idiot morons" and "go fuck yourselves".

Hopefully they get you guys laughing in your cubicles/offices/unemployment lines and produce funny looks from your coworkers.

You're coworkers will be like, "What are you laughing at?" and you'll be like, "oh this really funny video I'm watching on the internet, you know... the world wide web?" and then they'll be like, "what is it a video of?" and you'll be like "Mind your fucking business."

So, having said that.

I give you the first in my series of pre game smack talking videos.

I call it... "See You In Waco Bitches."

Be on the lookout for the DVD boxset of my videos come Christmas time.

“Just be sure you don’t smoke it”

I know we have some readers that don't like these Breaking Bad posts, so out of respect to their whining and the creative efforts of Viking Frog, I'm posting this so that it appears below his video. But I'm not going to quit posting them now, because how could I after last night's episode? I don't want to give away too much, but for those that watched last night- has Uncle Hank cemented himself as your favorite character on the show? Honestly, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have both taken home hardware for their work on this show- I think it's Dean Norris' turn.

Season 4, Episode 7: "Problem Dog"


Morning Dump

Road blockades loom for TCU's win streak Star-Telegram

Andy Dalton will be on the Dan Patrick show in the 10:00am hour