Monday, August 8, 2011

Plenty of position, jersey # changes

Where would YOU use Ethan Grant?

Since practice began on Thursday, a number of players have already switched positions- and a few have changed jersey numbers as well. Most of these were initially reported by, so we didn't share the info here out of respect for the hard work those guys put in to earn their paid subscription fees. But they're all represented in the current version of the 2011 roster on or have been reported on by the Star-Telegram, so I suppose it's all fair game now, right?

-First and foremost is the news that senior Robert Deck has moved from tight end to left tackle (and from #87 to #78), where by all accounts he will compete for the starting job. To me, this is a glass half-full or half-empty scenario. On one hand, you've got a former walk-on tight end all of a sudden moving to what Sandra Bullock told us all is the most important position on the field...and he's going to start? On the other, it might be a brilliant move by Patterson/Fuenderson/Williamson to light a fire under the talented young duo of James Dunbar and Nykiren Wellington by pitting them against a disciplined and diligent fifth-year senior who is hungry to make his mark on the field before graduation. It should be noted that Deck is 6'4" and up to 275 lbs, so even though that would make him a smallish tackle, he wouldn't be significantly undersized.

-Redshirt freshman Ethan Grant, who came to TCU as a four-star running back out of Florida, was switched to wide receiver to add depth to that position in the spring. He's now moved BACK to running back, although I have a feeling you'll see Fuenderson lining him up in a number of different looks- he could be a dangerous weapon as a runner or as a receiver.

-Jason Verrett, the dreadlocked JUCO-transfer corner who took part in spring drills wearing #12 has switched to #2 and word is that he could be starting opposite Greg McCoy.

-Grant isn't the only redshirt freshman who has experienced a positional yo-yo. Rick Settle came to TCU as a walk-on quarterback out of Kansas, was shifted to safety during the spring, and is now back at quarterback. He'll probably be the #4 QB this year behind Pachall, Brown and true freshman Trevone Boykin.

-Redshirt freshman Danny Heiss, who came to TCU from Aledo as a walk-on safety, has moved to linebacker. He's also changed jersey numbers, from #24 to #38.

-True freshman offensive lineman Carter Wall, recruited as a tackle out of the Houston area, has moved to center. Pretty common for young O-linemen to switch between tackle, guard and center, so this could just be temporary.

-The Frogs have, unfortunately, already suffered their first two season-ending injuries. Sophomore defensive end Matt Anderson and true freshman cornerback Travoskey Garrett will both be redshirting this year as they recover from injuries (that, so far, have not been specified publicly) suffered this summer.

Frog Alumni Camp Report

-First, a little bad news: Robert Henson has been released by the Redskins. He's been hampered by a string of injuries since he left TCU, and hopefully he'll get a second chance from another NFL franchise.

-Andy Dalton is apparently already married- just one of the many topics (also including his early experiences with the Bengals and TCU's move to the Big East) he discussed in a Q&A session with Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

-Jeremy Kerley has a new jersey number: 11. He made the switch from 85 out of respect for veteran Derrick Mason, whom the Jets signed as a free agent. Also, Jets special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff has named Kerley as the top candidate to return punts this season.

-If you think this season will be a farewell tour for LaDainian Tomlinson, think again. LT told the New York Daily News that he's looking to play at least one more season after 2011.

-Great story about the trip to Haiti that Marshall Newhouse took over the offeason from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

-D. Orlando Ledbetter, a writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who has a completely made up-sounding name, lists Rafael Priest as the 4th-string strong safety in his unofficial Falcons' depth chart, but also includes Priest in his "players to keep an eye on".

-Aaron Brown is fighting for a spot on the Lions' roster. But in the words of Michigan Live's Tom Kowalski, is "younger, faster and cheaper" than his main competition for the #3 running back job, Maurice Morris.

-Colts blog Stampede Blue says that Jerry Hughes "looks like a new player" after his disappointing rookie season in 2010.

-Colin Jones has apparently not been seeing many defensive reps in practice during 49ers' camp, but will apparently be given his time to shine on special teams when the preseason schedule begins.

-Jimmy Young is part of a rookie crop of receivers that are impressing folks paying close attention to the Bears' training camp. The blog "Bear Goggles" thinks the team may have trouble holding on to them if they try to have them clear waivers to be put on the practice squad.

"He has actual hobos living there"

I had a friend email me this morning saying he thought last night's episode of Breaking Bad was pretty "meh." I couldn't disagree more- there were so many richly-layered conversations between key characters, revealing their current mental state and motivations, that I felt made it as good an episode as we've had this for the season premiere and it's ruthless bloodshed, of course. And it's not like this episode didn't have a little violence for the folks who watch it for that reason alone. What do you think about last night's episode- thumbs up or meh? What scene really stuck out to you?

Season 4, Episode 4: "Bullet Points"

Also, how perfect a dessert has the new season of Curb been to the Sunday night main course of Breaking Bad? I didn't even know they were bringing that show back, and yet I think this has been the best season in a long time.

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