Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taking Inventory: The Coaching Staff

One of the biggest reasons for TCU's sustained success over the past decade or so has been the continuity provided by a coaching staff that has, for the most part, stayed in place. Sure, there have been a few defections here and there- like former safeties coach Chad Glasgow taking the defensive coordinator job at Tech this year- but if you don't count the graduate assistants, TCU's coaches have an average of 7.75 years at the school. That's pretty impressive for a school that still won't be in a BCS conference for 11 more months.

We start at the top, of course, where Gary Patterson enters his 11th year as head coach of the Frogs and 14th season overall at TCU. GP has won six bowl games at TCU, four conference championships and guided the Frogs to their first two BCS bowls including last year's Rose Bowl victory to cap off a perfect 13-0 season. His overall record as head coach is 98-28 (.778), and he is just 12 more wins away from breaking Dutch Meyer's school record of 109. Additionally, there have been 13 first-team All-Americans under Patterson. It's not hyperbole at all, in my opinion, to say that TCU has the best football coach in America leading their program.

Defense has always been the signature strength of TCU, and Defensive Coordinator/D-Line coach Dick Bumpas is back for his 8th year of directing his hounds toward the throat of opposing QBs. In case you need a refresher about how good the defense has been under Bumpas- they've led the nation in overall defense an astounding three consecutive seasons.

Leading the offense in their third year AS ("after Schultz") is the duo of Jarrett Anderson and Justin Fuente, affectionately referred to on this blog as "Fuenderson". Anderson, who also coaches runnng backs and excels in recruiting East Texas, enters his 14th season at TCU. Fuente's duties also include coaching the quarterbacks, and this will be his 5th season with the program. Both of these guys will eventually be head coaches, and we should enjoy them while they're still here because other programs have been and will be trying to snap them up.

Helping out Bumpas on defense are linebackers coach Tony Tademy (7th year at TCU), corners coach Clay Jennings (4th) and Trey Haverty, a former TCU graduate assistant who was hired this offseason to replace Glasgow as safeties coach. Ryan McInerney, who served in the video department for last year's team, joins the coaching staff as the graduate assistant on defense this year.

Assisting Fuenderson on offense are assistant head coach and offensive line architect (and in-game heart attack survivor) Eddie Williamson (11th year at TCU...and pictured above), wide receivers coach Rusty Burns (3rd) and tight ends coach Dan Sharp (14th)- who also heads up the Frog special teams units. Jeremiah Fiscus will serve as the offensive graduate assistant.

Considering how ridiculously strong and in-shape the Frogs have been over the years, it's a minor miracle that head strength & conditioning coach Don Sommer (11th year) hasn't been hired away by a bigger program. For the 7th straight year, Matt Parker will serve as his associate. Mike Sinquefield enters his 11th year as head of football operations, and he'll be assisted by Danielle Bartlestein.

Boise Still Considering Blue on Blue?


According to Spitpurple, Chris Petersen was on the Dan Patrick show this morning and basically came out and said that Boise will still consider wearing blue on blue for their home game against TCU depending on what the penalties for doing so are. In response to Petersen being a crybaby on a nationally syndicated radio station, apparently the MWC has added it to their agenda today to discuss what the punishment would be for Boise wearing blue on blue.

Man, you wanna talk about a bunch of little crybabies. You really can't just let it go, coach? Shouldn't you be more worried about Georgia in Atlanta instead of figuring out how your band of Smurfs are going to try and skate around the rules and play dress up against TCU? Is it THAT important that you get to wear blue on blue? Are you gonna cry like a fat chick without a prom date all season until you get your way? Seriously, you're a grown up. This sounds like something a 9 year old does when he doesn't get the birthday present he wanted. I'm surprised you aren't just threatening to completely take your ball and go home and not play any MWC home games unless you get your way. This is more embarrassing for you than anything. IT'S JUST A FREAKING JERSEY! Get over it.

I remember USC doing this a couple years back against UCLA because USC wanted to wear their home jerseys, and I remember they had to forfeit a timeout at each half. If you want to do that and lose a timeout per half against TCU, be my guest because those will probably be pretty valuable. We aren't UCLA, and you aren't pre-probation USC. Or maybe we should just return the favor by showing up in our Rose Bowl jerseys, or just white T-shirts that say "Thanks Kyle Brotzman" on the front of them, or maybe just wear Nevada's jerseys. I'm sure that would only cost us a timeout as well, since we are breaking the same jersey rule you choose to break.

If you wanna wear blue that bad that you have to go crying like a bitch to Dan Patrick, then go right ahead, or you could be adults about things and let it go, move on, and game plan for Georgia. This makes you come off as petty, trashy, and tacky, much like having a blue turf field with a track around it. So really, what were we to expect from you?

Patterson LIVE at 12:30

With the team reporting for practice this morning, Coach Patterson will have his first gathering with the local media early this afternoon with a 12:30pm press conference that you can watch LIVE by clicking here. No official word yet on if he'll be singing or not...

Frogs Report to Camp TODAY!

If GP doesn't end defensive film sessions with, "You know what I mean, Bump? You know what I mean?"
Well, then... he needs to start.

As alluded to yesterday in my hate inspiring Baylor post, the good guys got their last glimpse of Mr. Tastee last night as he rode off into the sunset and officially signaled the end of their summers. Yes, football season is almost officially here as the Frogs report to campus today and officially begin summer practices tomorrow. Huzzah!!! There was genuinely a time - as recently as yesterday - where I thought this day was never going to come, but it's here and we're just a few steps closer to the Robert Griffin's Wake in Waco<--- I'll work on that.

So what should you do to prepare yourself for the season while the team does the same? For one, you should go back and read thru all of lyle's Inventory and Schedule Preview posts because you totes didn't the first go around, don't lie. Learning the roster is one of those things that I am genuinely TERRIBLE at, so they've been very beneficial to my learning about the new faces we'll see on the field this year.

Second, if you're a delusional believer in the Eastern Bloc rhetoric that you should never actually pay good money for valuable TCU related information but instead wait until one of their hack posters plagiarizes it and claims it as their own, now's the time to embrace this forward thinking zeitgeist called "Capitalism" and sign up for a membership on Purple Menace. Not only is their message board far superior to the one on "that other site" but you get the added bonus of actual news and, most importantly, those little daily crack nuggets otherwise known as Practice Reports. Before spring practice, Jeremy and Jeremiah warned that the coaching staff asked them to back off on the grisly details because, in all fairness, they were SO detailed as to be detrimental to the TCU effort should they fall into the wrong hands. However, other than a somewhat shorter length and oftentimes cryptic alludes to players that were pretty easy to decipher for any good TCU fan, I genuinely did not ever feel disappointed or believe they held back any crucial information. For instance, in the old days you could pretty much fully envision any given play that occurred in that day's practice. Now? You can't envision EVERY play, but you can absolutely understand the general overview of what went on. It's more concise, but it doesn't detract from the quality. Besides, are you REALLY going to complain about a direct order from GP?

You could also do constructive things like dig up hate on all of TCU's opponents to properly calibrate your rage levels, volunteer for light pole duty at Amon G so that we're able to not play this bullshit Big Ten all day game schedule because that makes me sad, or you could even chloroform a player on another team, steal his uniform and take part in that team's practices and relay your finding to GP and staff. Do your part to make this regular season our third consecutive one with zero losses.

But if none of those things work, you could always take 29 Wait Mate pills and wake up on September 2nd just in time to hit the road to Waco. Sure, you risk wiping out any memories you had of TCU Football seasons prior, which would lead to some spandexeriffic rehabilitation with Zan, but it's probably a small price to pay for being able to fast forward the month of August. Your boss will understand.

Morning Dump.

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