Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TCU's 2012 Big East Schedule....Take 2

I guess Brett McMurphy of CBS got some bad info earlier today, because now he's amended what he believes TCU's schedule will be the first year in the Big East. NOW he's saying:

-West Virginia
-South Florida


In addtion, he is also reporting that TCU's first home game at the completed stadium will be against Grambling. I know some of you don't like I-AA opponents or bands, but (if this is true)Grambling's band is going to absolutely clown our own band and they'll create additional demand for tickets. OU, UVA, West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida and Grambling is a home schedule that will sell, pardon my french, a shitload of season tickets. I would even wager that every game would be sold out...and then some considering the rumored standing room-only areas in the new version of the stadium.

All this being said, I guess we all ought to wait until TCU announces this officially before we start booking any flights...

Scouting the 2011 opponents: Louisiana-Monroe

With ongoing construction at Amon Carter Stadium, TCU officials wisely scheduled the first two games of the 2011 season on the road, but the Frogs will be making their home debut on September 17th against Louisiana-Monroe...a late-in-the-game substitution after Texas Tech cancelled. The game is slated for a 1:00pm kickoff, and I'm sure we'll be out of this 100 degree-plus streak by then, right?

This is usually where I'd usually throw some ULM stats at you or tell you about the stars of their team like sophomore QB Kolton Browning, senior WR Luther Ambrose and junior linebacker Cameron Blakes. I could tell you that Warhawks' head coach Todd Berry feels like this may finally be the year ULM has an above-.500 season in Division IA/FBS/whatever they're calling it these days. But really, I'm not sure of a way of describing them as anything but a cupcake for the Frogs. I hate to provide bulletin board material for an opponent, but everyone involved in this game knows that TCU ought to win comfortably if they stay focused and execute. If this game is closer than expected or if ULM pulls off what would be a monumental upset, it will be more about TCU's failures rather than the Warhawk's successes.

One other note about this team is that they have an assistant coach you might recognize. Their defensive tackles coach is none other than three-time world champion and two-time Pro Bowler Leon Lett. So you Cowboys fans out there can either praise him for his contributions to those titles...or deride him for his two famous bone-head plays. Personally, I thought the Don Beebe play in the Super Bowl was funny, because the game had been decided way earlier. The field goal thing in that snowy Thanksgiving game against the Dolphins, though, still makes me pretty angry.

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TCU's 2012 Big East schedule

According to CBS college football writer Brett McMurphy's twitter feed, TCU's conference schedule in their first year in the Big East will look like this:

-South Florida

-West Virginia

That would be in addition to the already-scheduled non-conference games against Oklahoma and Virginia at home and at SMU. This isn't official yet, but it was reported that Chris Del Conte was at Big East meetings in Providence this week and that this issue would likely be settled, so keep an eye out for an announcement from the school sometime in the next few days.

Let The Hate Officially Begin.

Baylor's 2011 GameDay T-Shirt.

With the dog days of summer still nigh upon us and only looking to get worse, plus yesterday's news that we will only be playing day games at home sticking pretty hard in my craw, forgive me if I'm a little grumpy on this Tuesday morning. But what's the best way to channel said grumpiness into something constructive? A little Baylor hate, of course! Yes, as lyle pointed out to me earlier, we are officially one month away from the day we will travel down I-35 and treat the Bears like a Houston area Financial Advisor treated Head Coach Art Briles' portfolio. So I think it's appropriate that we set aside a little time in our day to explain exactly why it is that we hate Baylor so, so much. I'll get it started with the obvious....

Oh Robert Griffin. We hardly know you, but you're easily the most hated athlete on any roster in the NCAA for a TCU fan. To be fair, it's not entirely your fault... but it IS pretty much your own fault. Let's recap:

  • Before the season, Texas Monthly publishes an infamous article about Texas QBs which gives Robert Griffin lots of love while leaving none for Andy Dalton. At the time this infuriated me to the point that I cancelled my subscription - a decision I never once regretted because Texas Monthly is the worst magazine published today, even moreso than Hit Parader which has featured Limp Bizkit and Insane Clown Posse on its cover - and gave me plenty of fuel for the Baylor fire. Of course, if all it took was a slight from a shit publication to set up our season, I'll take it every time, but I do recall being particularly grumpy that Robert Griffin was getting so much attention despite doing NOTHING in his career to that point. So while it's not really HIS fault persay, he's still somewhat guilty for not rescinding the attention he was given, right?
  • Then the week of the game came, and along with it Baylor fans proclamations that "TCU will never be able to stop Griffin and the Baylor offence (sic)" and how we have "No Big time WR and our RB is a 2 star guy no one wanted" and that "We have no one fast enough to spy Griffin the entire game." This will all come into play later. Remember the question exchange with something called "Theebears.com?" That sure was fun and accurate on their end! Again, not directly Griffin's fault, but the way the Waco faithful deify the guy would rub even the most devout Bible thumping Baptist the wrong way.
  • But what CAN you attribute to Griffin? This: "Winning just is so reliant on belief. I look at TCU, and they don't have the best athletes in the country," Griffin says. "But when you start winning and win and win and win, people buy in. They believe. They're not all world beaters, but they believe. That's what we're trying to do here." He also went on to refer to TCU as being "Just a step up" from Buffalo. Thanks for the inspiration, guy.
  • And then the game happened. And, well, it did not go so well for Baylor or Robert Griffin. To continue tooting my own horn, I kind of called most of what would happen before a down was even played and it was a lot of fun to look back on that just now. We threw on the all blacks and made Baylor our bitch to the tune of 45-10 that was so comically lopsided one of their linebackers tripped over a yard marker - note: These are not raised - while chasing Ed Wesley to make it appear he did not get beat. Andy Dalton set a school record for accuracy, finishing 21-23 for 267 yards and 2 TDs and Ed Wesley scored twice himself and tallied 165 yards. As for Griffin? He had a Heisman worthy day of 16/28 for 164 yards and 1 TD thru the air, but his famous legs are where he really shined: A DAUNTING 14 attempts for 21 yards, or a 1.5 yard average. So yeah, he really backed up his talk, didn't he? We totally couldn't spy him. But where Griffin really stood out was his mental midgetry when being heckled as he actually responded with a smug look and raised hands when Section V began a rousing "Rob-Ert-Gri-Ffin" chant. I'm guessing recent Heisman winners like Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram and, heck, even the ultimate dumbass Cam Newton didn't let the fans of a bunch of "world beaters" get to them during their runs. Get your mind right, son!
  • And then, of course, Griffin did himself one better when he, after the Bears had rolled off wins against such stalwarts as Rice, Kansas and Colorado, declared that the TCU game was a "fluke." So how did he back it up? By dropping the Bears' last four games of the season, including getting thunderblasted in their first bowl game in decades by a shit Illinois team in what was practically a home environment in Houston. But, of course, those games were all flukes as well.
So what of this year? What can we really expect? Well, the Bears lost second leading receiver Josh Gordon"indefinitely" due to disciplinary reasons, although the Bears are so sneaky corrupt I wouldn't be surprised to see him back come September 2nd. Regardless, that's a setback. As for Griffin himself, he's apparently a changed man based on this interview with Mac Engel -who, despite covering TCU is a HUGE Griffin slurper, so watch out for him - where he suggests he's "not a trash talker" and talked about how "proud" he is of TCU for winning the Rose Bowl. After you stop rolling your eyes and making wanking motions, please go back and read a few paragraphs above for some discrediting of those comments.

And, of course, the Heisman train is back on the rails with Griffin getting an official notice from the Committee that he will be considered. Here is Baylor's official marketing for the campaign:

Ok, so I get it - He's ROBERT GRIFFIN THE THIRD NOT THE FIRST NOT THE SECOND - so they're playing on that. But, let's say you just know him only as Robert Griffin, doesn't this look a little curious? Like, "Keep your eye on the third place finisher?" Way to shoot for the moon, Bears! Although, if Griffin finishes in the top three of the voting I'll attend the next TCU/Baylor game, whenever it happens, in furry bear costume and even do that "sic em" thing, so I suppose that would be a pretty bold proclamation in Waco terms.

Regardless, it's clear that the expectations in Waco are as high as they have ever been, perhaps in their history, this year, and with our expectations being somewhat low compared to the norm, this could be a dangerous matchup to kick things off. So let's hate them back to reality in the comments. I know you guys will make me proud. Tell us why YOU hate Baylor. Personal anecdotes are encouraged and preferred. Also, completely made up stories, because those are entertaining too.

30 Days...

Frog Alumni Camp Report

By my own admittedly unreliable count, there are 28 former Horned Frogs participating in NFL Training Camps right now. I can't promise this will be a daily feature, but we here at Spit Blood will try to keep you up to date on what is happening with these guys. Here's what I was able to find out this morning:

-Andy Dalton is impressing his offensive coordinator (and some Cincinnati bloggers) early on in Bengals' camp. Sounds like they really like his poise and confidence...which shouldn't be a surprise to any of you that have watched him do nothing but win the last four years in Fort Worth.

-LaDainian Tomlinson has taken a pay-cut to help the Jets position themselves for a championship. Instead of making the $2.6 million he was due to be paid this year, LT's restructured contract will pay him about $1.1 million this year- so it's not like he'll be starving. Part of that savings was used to sign free agents Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress and Antonio Cromartie.

-David Hawthorne is the new starting MLB for the Seahawks after they released Lofa Tatupu. Said Coach Pete Carroll: "I think David Hawthorne is ready. He's been ready."

-Marshall Newhouse is drawing some praise while currently working as the Packers' #1 left tackle while regular starter Chad Clifton rests his achy knees. Newhouse was hurt most of last year during Green Bay's run to the Super Bowl title, but it looks as if he might take a more active role in their hunt for their next one.

-Robert Henson has a banged-up knee and has been placed on the physically unable to perform list by the Redskins. RH51 apparently has made some progress and was seen as a possible candidate for a starting position, so keep an eye on this situation- if he stays on the PUP list past the season opener, he has to remain there for at least the first six weeks of the season.

-Michael Toudouze has re-signed with the Colts. Did you know that this is actually his third go-round with Indianapolis? He left previously for two short stints in the UFL and also was a member of the Titans for a short while. For you Texans fans out there, there are now 3 former Frogs on the Colts- Toudouze, Jerry Hughes and Jake Kirkpatrick. So there's your silver-lining after those two losses.

-Jason Phillips is getting some reps with the first team, and has been singled out for his hard-hitting in camp- which is saying quite a bit when you consider how many hard-hitters there are on that Ravens' D.

-Daryl Washington is pencilled in as an opening-day starter in Arizona, a year after he made 78 tackles in 11 starts for the Cardinals as a rookie.

-Colin Jones is part of a wide-open depth chart at safety for the 49ers while starter Dashon Goldson holds out. I'm not saying Jones is going to step in and start right away, but the more reps he's able to get in practice now the better chance he has of making the team and being able to contribute in games.

-Rafael Priest got a shout-out from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for making an interception in Falcons' training camp- where they've moved him to safety. Priest signed with Atlanta in February after having been cut from the Saints' practice squad in the early part of last season.

It's likely that not all of these updates will be so thorough, but hopefully there will be plenty of positive news coming out of NFL camps about the former Frogs.

TCU's New Uniforms

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