Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GP Hates the Rockets and Spurs.

Or at least he's enough of a Mavs fan to take his talents to his desk char and film a promo. Same thing, really, right?

For those of us who have been fortunate enough to make the either of the NBA Finals games at the AAC this week, it would've been pretty hard to miss Papa Bear himself lending a hand in getting the team fired up in this Jumbotron video alongside the likes of Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett, Troy Aikman, Hockey Guy, Nolan Ryan, WARSH!!! and... Nastia Liukin? That's a stretch there, guys. Regardless, it was pretty cool to be sitting there last night basking in GP's glory as the Mavs staged a pretty swell comeback. Let's just hope he's enough inspiration for two more wins so two of the three Texas teams can boast a legitimate Championship.

My only question - isn't there a Division One, Football playing University not five miles from the arena? Where's the June Cometh love, huh?!?!

/snorts coke
//cashes in trust fund
///dies in a portapotty

Four More Frogs Taken on Day 3.

Will Kerley's Be Able to Rid His Mind of this Image Once and For All?

Perhaps as the Universe's way of leaving the TCU program in perfect balance heading into the offseason, four more members of the 2011 Frogs team were selected on Day 3 of the MLB Draft, matching the four who were taken on Day 2. They are...

Erik Miller - Cincinnati Reds - 31st Round, 995th Overall Pick.

Steven Maxwell - Chicago Cubs - 37th Round, 1,119th Overall Pick

Jerome Pena - Baltimore Orioles - 38th Round, 1145th Overall Pick

Kaleb Merck - Texas Rangers - 43rd Round, 1,314th Overall Pick.

Seeing as how two of these guys are of the Senior variety, they are gone anyway, but what does it mean for Miller and Merck? Personally, I have to think they both come back as most players picked this low could use some more seasoning if it is available. However, after watching what happened to guys like Wink, Max and Purke, you never know if Merck or Miller might want to take their chances rather than fall out of the Draft completely.

Also, I realize the need for all of the players due to the extensive minor league system in place... but 50 Rounds? Come on, MLB. There are so many picks that the Rangers drafted a paralyzed kid as a good will gesture. I also remember reading about an owner who drafted his own son, just for kicks. Let's get real here.

Will Texas be the Next Ohio State?

Rachel McCoy: So Hot, so... dumb.

With USC toast for a few years, Ohio State not far behind, especially with the announced departure of QB Terrelle Pryor, and another school - North Carolina - awaiting their NCAA fate, it seems like the NCAA is striking while the iron is hot when it comes to punishing rules violators. And with the exposing of the Buckeyes - the accepted #2 college football gig - wouldn't it make sense that the NCAA should be gunning for that #1 spot in Austin? I know we would be THRILLED if Texas was exposed for being just as dirty as any of the above mentioned schools, but the fact of the matter is, that athletic department is so entrenched and well connected and such a cash cow that, unless a sea of noted current and ex-players rat them out, there's pretty much no way anything is going to fall on Mack Brown and his minions.

But Rachel McCoy sure as hell is trying to be the next best thing.

Apparently while the rest of Cleveland was watching their ex-hero roll out one of the more pathetic playoff performances by a "superstar" ever, the newly minted Mrs. McCoy - the real one, not Jordan - was calling into the Colin Cowherd show offering up her opinions on under the table wheeler dealers in the UT program. Turns out The State University of Texas isn't so above board after all. To wit:

Regularly it’s just dinner. People in Texas are just being friendly, they don’t mean anything by it at all. They don’t realize realize most of the time it’s a violation. At Texas you’re taught to take absolutely nothing, I don’t care if it’s a hot dog or soda.

But you’ve got guys, grown adult men with law degrees – educated men – what are they going to gain out of this? It’s to say, ‘Hey, I bought so and so dinner, hey I took so and so to do this’ … It’s grown men and their pride.

You cannot expect 19-20 year old kids to say no to free stuff when they’re in college … It’s hard, I think, for a lot of these guys to even know to say, ‘I can take this, I can’t take this, nobody’s going to know, will someone find out?’Things that could be handed to you that seem so minor – a dinner, a hunt, a fishing trip – most kids don’t even realize are illegal.

I know Colt was approached quite a bit [by agents] but I saw so many of his teammates who didn’t have some of that self control to say no to somebody … it’s hard, because you have adults who you respect and who you think will know what’s right and wrong … when you have adults promising things and offering things …

Oh reeeeeeeeeeeeeally?

So, you're saying that Texas MAY have some crooked boosters in the mix? That rich guys with a love for college football will always find a way to use that to their advantage? That some athletes may not be beyond taking some deals under the table in return for their hand in football marriage?

Alright, so admittedly these allegations are pretty weak to the point that I'm not so sure you can even call them allegations. Of course she absolves her Golden Boy husband of any wrong doing - although who do you think is taking all of these fishing trips, the inner city kid from Houston or the good ole boy from Tuscola? - and of course she doesn't name any specific names. She also suggests that the booster attention is "JUST GOOD OLE BOYS FROM TEXAS BEIN' FRANDLY, YALL!!" No, the big story within this story is... how DUMB is this girl?

Seriously - you know the NCAA is on an absolute tear right now when it comes to putting dirty programs in their place. USC got the Death Penalty-lite all because Reggie Bush let a booster provide living quarters for his family and in the year 2015 Auburn is going to get the exact same treatment. Jim Tressel, one of the more untouchable coaches in the profession, was, for all intents and purposes, fired from his post because his players traded their own personal property tattoos, although, admittedly, he would've been fine had he not lied to investigators. To me, "Tattoogate" is such a minor, minor situation that I can't believe the ramifications from it have gone this far. But, players directly taking things from boosters, including damned trips??? By comparison, that's a pretty big violation.

Truthfully, her comments probably won't lead to any sort of investigation... but why run the risk? Once those sort of accusations are out there, they can't be taken back, innocent until proven guilty be damned. I realize she went to Baylor, but I think she has shown her lack of UT hate by marrying one of the biggest faces in the school's history. Could there be trouble in paradise? Did she catch Colt between the sheets with a certain flop haired received from the Cincinnati Bengals? Perhaps there's trouble at home because Colt is now only the second most talented Texas based QB playing in the state of Ohio? Stay tuned.

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