Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh, no...

There have been plenty of times since graudation, like winning the Rose Bowl or Matt Curry's grand slam against Florida State, that have made us proud of having gone to TCU. not one of those times:

Please tell me this isn't real

SDSU series recap

Jim Schlossnagle and the Frogs did their best Cort├ęs impression this weekend by going into San Diego and sweeping away the Aztecs and grabbing three much-need wins and hopefully some much-needed confidence with a big game against A&M looming tomorrow night.

Over the course of the three games, TCU scored 26 runs on 38 hits. The best news is that it appears that Jason Coats is finally back. He went 7-for-12 against SDSU, with 4 doubles, 5 RBI, 2 walks and 2 stolen bases. He's got his batting average up to .310 for the season, and is now giving this lineup the solid presence in the middle that we all knew he could.

The past few weeks, shortnkerleys and myself have blasted you all with a good amount of pessimism about this team. If you've been reading our posts rather than paying attention to the team, you might think they are having a bad season. That's really not true, though- they are now 25-11 with an 11-2 mark in conference. When compared to the 28-8 and 9-3 records from this time a year ago, that's really not bad at all. Perhaps we (all) just expected much bigger things after the run to Omaha last year?

As far as hosting an NCAA Regional, though, the Frogs still may be on the outside looking in. Their RPI currently sits at #37, so when you consider that only 16 teams host it makes it seem like a longshot to get one in Fort Worth for a third straight year. Eight teams in the region (LSU, Baylor, Texas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Rice and A&M) all have better RPI's than TCU. The Frogs already have wins over a few of those, but will need to take care of business in the remaining games against them to maximize their chance at hosting.

That all starts tomorrow night in College Station, when Andrew Mitchell will reportedly move back to being a starter to take on the red-hot Aggies.