Friday, April 1, 2011

TCU-Air Force series preview

A Barack-tastic pair of Air Force Ones seems fitting for a series preview when the Falcons are coming to town, but "Yes We Can" flies right in the face of the complete lack of enthusiasm about this team that a majority of the fanbase seems to have.

If there's one site that will not be welcome to the weary eyes of the nerve-racked TCU faithful, it's Air Force coming to town. You'll remember that the Falcons' two wins against the Frogs last year damaged TCU's RPI so much that hosting a regional was in serious jeopardy. Seems so innocent looking back, though, doesn't it? The 2010 Frogs were able to rebound from those losses, were still able to host a regional and you know the rest of the story. This year, the "everyone has a few bad losses"-type of losses seem to have stacked up pretty quick.

This weekend won't quite be a recreation of last year's games against the Falcons if only because this 2011 Air Force team, under new head coach Major Mike Kazlausky is head & shoulders better than they were in 2010. They won 13 games all of last year, and have already won 11 this year. I realize that a record of 11-14 doesn't quite make them the Yankees, but bear with me:

-Through their first 25 games last year, Air Force had surrenderred 10+ runs in a game 14 times...and 20+ runs in a game twice. This year, they've given up 10+ runs just 4 times, and one of those was a win (against Washington).

-Their team ERA last year was a comical 11.31. This year it's less than half of that: 4.17. -They allowed opposing batters to hit .407 against them last year, and have reduced that figure to .317 in 2011.

The Falcons even have a couple of semi-impressive wins (vs. Creighton and Missouri State) on their resume, and actually just completed a four-game sweep of Portland. Portland's not that good, but hey, the Frogs have shown how hard a sweep can be to come by. Their RPI is #126 currently, which means they are not nearly the lowest-ranked team the Frogs will face in conference play this season.

Even with the drastic improvements, this is still not a team that should give the Frogs problems. Notice I used the word "should" though, because teams that shouldn't give TCU problems consistently have this year. You've got to feel good about winning any 3-game series with the Frogs' stellar starting rotation, but the inconstency at the plate and out of the bullpen have made it hard for them to earn the series sweeps that they desperately need.


From the Associated Press

"In a stunning announcement this morning, 4 star running back Johnathan Gray of Aledo has made his decision as to what school he plans to attend to attend in 2012. One of the top recruits in the country, Gray had 58 touchdowns in 2010 including 8 in the 4A state title game. He had been recruited heavily by Texas, Texas A&M, and TCU. He previously announced that he would make his final decision on the 22nd of this month.

However, in an interview this morning, Gray stated that he no longer wanted to wait and was so excited to make his decision. Gray then stated that in 2012 he will take his talents to Waco and play for the Baylor Bears.

Gray stated that the primary reason for going to Baylor was because of their history as a football powerhouse. He reiterated comments from the great Robert Griffin III that the loss to TCU by 35 points was merely a fluke, that Baylor had much better talent because they play in the Big 12/10, and they would beat TCU 9 of 10 times. He also believed the statements by Griffin that the last three games of Big 12 play, where the Bears were completely destroyed by ranked teams, were also a fluke and that Baylor was robbed because of bad calls by the referees. Being robbed so greatly left them completely unmotivated for their bowl game in which they were also blown out by a sub par and unranked Illinois team.

Texas, Texas A&M and TCU all issued responses to the decision by Gray. Texas stated that 'If he doesn't want to be constantly pampered then he should enjoy Baylor. Unless his name is Vince Young or Colt McCoy, then we probably didn't really have a chance to win any way. I mean, we lost our entire coaching staff, would you want to come here?'. Texas A&M responded as well, 'And we thought we were an after thought in the conference, but Baylor has no relevance what so ever. We cannot believe that Gray didn't want to go to a school that has male cheerleaders, yell practice, and a cemetery for its mascots. Who wouldn't want that kind of tradition?' TCU also is issued a comment, 'We wish Gray all the best at Baylor. We just sent Baylor a replica of our Rose Bowl and back to back conference trophies, our final top ten rankings, and our overall record this past decade so they have something to strive for.'

Baylor has already begun making plans for the arrival of Gray in 2012. They have built a case to house Gray's Heisman Trophy which they plan on him winning as a freshman. The case is right next to the one already built for Robert Griffin's Heisman and Davey O'Brien trophies which in an unprecedented move will be awarded before the season, because no one else in the country is even close to playing on the same level as Griffin. Baylor has also constructed national title rooms which will commemorate their upcoming, and also unprecedented, five straight national titles."

Gray was not available for comment on this story, because if your still reading, then its likely you have figured out that Gray has not made his decision yet, and this is Spitblood's weak attempt at an April Fools joke. See everyone at the spring game tomorrow.

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