Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still way-too-early postseason projections

I had visions of completely nerding out and doing a comprehensive analysis of the Frogs' RPI and how it was affected by their opponents' recent outcomes, sort of like the strength of schedule posts I do during football season- but that will have to wait a couple of weeks.

For now, though, I'll pass along the latest NCAA Regional Projections from both and They both currently have TCU as a Regional host, but that could change if the Frogs don't start taking care of business on a more consistent basis- starting with tonight's game against Stephen F. Austin.

Spitblood Psychic: The Future of Rooster.

If Dalton winds up in the Twin Cities
I'm sure Daunte can help him out with boats and hoes.

As the most beloved and ballyhooed prospect to come out of TCU since LaDainian Tomlinson, we all have a heightened sense of interest where Red will end up playing football professionally. So rather than make you all dig through the muck and mire that are sports related internet rumors, we will compile them all here, team by team, as they come along. For the sake of brevity, we will only feature team's that have scheduled an interview with Andy, look at their current QB situation and draft picks and make one of our patented hasty assessments from there. We will also give more credence to team's with picks in the 2-4 rounds because we're optimistic and can't see Dalton lasting beyond there.

Today we'll take a look at another potential landing spot that will certainly please our own vikingfrog, the Minnesota Vikings.

QBs Currently on Roster: Rhett Bomar, Patrick Ramsey, Tarvaris Jackson, Joe Webb.

Draft Picks: Round 1 (12); Round 2 (11); Round 3 (nein); Round 4 (9).

Before I even begin, it's pretty clear that either Peter King is an avid reader of Spit, or I need to be paid far more than the paltry $0 I make for my efforts on this site to get more on par with the big dogs like PK, because in his latest Tuesday Mailbag he concurred with my assessment that Dalton to the 49ers is a very likely scenario. And while King is a very noted sack rider of well behaved, under valued white QBs - see: Tebow, Tim - I'll shy away from my typical criticisms of his writing and say I think he hit this one right on the head. In a QB Class filled with head cases - Ryan Mallet, Cam Newton - and over-hyped guys that never produced at the college level - Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker - along with the uncertainty of the 2011 NFL season, it seems like more and more teams are becoming interested in players without character issues who they won't have to worry about effing up in a potential lockout year. And not just criminal activity wise, but in the sense that, presuming the worst case scenario that the league misses games this year, potential draftees will stay on task, get their workouts in and come into the season ready to contribute whenever that may be. Dalton's production speaks for himself and he's been acing interviews and workouts to the point that some, like King, have elevated him to the cusp of the first round. And while Peter King is more coffee and twitter writer these days than hard hitting journalist, he's still the top name in the biz and his words are far reaching. Articles like that can only help Dalton's standing a month from now. And now, on with the show...

Why Rooster Fits: Much like it was with San Francisco, have you SEEN that depth chart? I may sincerely hate Tony Romo to the point that my fan experience with the Cowboys has been jeapordized, but holy crap I don't know how Vikings fans can even bring themselves to look forward to next year as presently constructed. If I were them, I'd be calling Adrian Peterson everyday and getting him to say more racist shit about the men that pay him millions of dollars and drive them further from the bargaining table because if any team could use an extended off season to regroup it's this one. Yeesh. Good luck, Leslie Frazier.

This is certainly a group that could use some fresh blood at QB after the Dongslinger left them high and dry this off season. I think we all understand that the ideal situation for Dalton would be to sit a year and learn the playbook, but if the league and players are able to rectify their differences and the off season cranks up on time, there's no doubt Andy would be able to compete for the starting role right out of the gate. That may be cynical of me to say considering the Vikes have QBs on the roster with multiple starts under their belts, but would you disagree with me vikingfrog?

Why Rooster Doesn't Fit: To be completely honest, unless the Vikings are able to make a play for Kevin Kolb or someone of that nature in the off season, Dalton would be seemingly invaluable in Minnesota. Joe Webb may have gotten some PT last season and become a bit of a crowd favorite, but I'm willing to bet he isn't Leslie Frazier's first choice to risk his job status on in his inaugural year as an NFL head man. That sentence was clunky. Of course, the job is probably Tarvaris Jackson's to lose, which he's very, very capable of doing if you're familiar with his work. And Rhett Bomar will likely be looking for jobs at local car washes when the season starts. I suppose this really comes down to whether or not you think Dalton is ready to step under center in an NFL game in 6 months, because if he winds up in Minnesota, especially as a second rounder, it's a very real possibility. The Vikings aren't going to give him a look in the first round, but if he's still sitting there at 11 in round 2, the front office is going to have a big decision to make because he will not be there when they pick again in the 4th. Like San Francisco, this will be a situation to monitor closely in the build up to the draft.

Fiesta Bowl CEO in deep doo-doo

You've probably seen the news that Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker has been let go amid a controversy surrounding how the bowl's money was handled- including illegally funneling money to political campaigns and spending thousands of dollars on non work-related trips to the titty bars and expensive golf trips.

The good news out of this is that apparently the BCS is going to take a very serious look at whether or not the Fiesta Bowl ought to retain it's status within the organization. Were they to be kicked out, the Cotton Bowl (now being played in a BCS-worthy stadium) would be ready to take it's place in an instant. TCU vs. Texas or aggy or OU or Tech* at JerryWorld on New Year's Day? Yeah, I'll have some of that.

Or is this a sign of something even bigger? Since Junker has proved to be shady beyond all doubt, what about the other bowl executives? Now that this guy's been kicked to the curb, will he start naming names like Jose Canseco? Was TCU vs. Boise really Junker's top choice for the Fiesta Bowl last year, or was it part of a collaborative effort to keep the two kids at the kids' table? However this shakes out, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

*-just kidding, we all know Tech can't make it to a BCS Bowl

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