Thursday, March 24, 2011

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New vs. Old in Anaheim tonight

Well, maybe "New vs. Current" would be more accurate, but how many of you (show of hands here, folks) have mentally moved on from the MWC after their little scheduling tricks like I have? However you label it, a team that TCU will be playing on their conference schedule in the next two years will advance to the Elite 8 when San Diego State and UConn battle each other in the West Regional semifinals at 6:15 this evening.

Both leagues have two teams in the Sweet 16- San Diego State and BYU for the Mountain West, UConn and Marquette for the Big East. While the Big East has had to endure becoming a bit of a punchline after having 9 of 11 teams lose in the tournament's opening weekend, Jack Bogaczyk of the Charleston Daily Mail wonders if that bashing is really warranted.

After all, isn't getting 11 teams in the Dance still pretty darn impressive? Isn't having 9 teams flame out quickly in the tournament that matters better than having a couple of teams make a run in the NIT or whatever made-up tournament SMU is playing in?

Parking Situation for 2011

The season ticket/parking renewal packets went out in the mail earlier this week, and plenty of Frog fans are going to have a different game day experience in 2011 while the stadium is still under construction. Clearly, a lot of folks are going to have different seats next year- but it seems as if those of us in Section V will be staying put- granted you renew by the May 15 deadline.

Parking, however, is probably going to be quite a bit different for just about everyone that reads this blog. The map above details all of the changes from last fall to this coming one, all of which are being brought on by the fact that the old Lots 1 & 2- on the west side of the stadium- are completely shut down for 2011.

The most notable change, at least as it relates to the main demographics of the Spit Blood readership, is that folks that had permits for Lot 3 last year (on the north side of the stadium) will be pushed back to Lot 4- across Cantey Street even further north of Lot 3. If you thought getting people to leave tailgates to go into the game was hard enough already, just wait until you have to ask them to walk an additional couple dozen steps to watch one of the best football programs in America!

What about the folks that were in Lot 4 last year, you ask? They're being moved to "Lot 13", otherwise known as the baseball stadium parking lot on Berry. At that point, you've got to wonder if paying for parking is even worth it, right? This is why WWHD and I are currently looking into how close blimps are allowed to hover over the field- we might be renting one for game day...or for a permanent residence, depending on price.

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