Sunday, March 20, 2011

Golf updates...for those who care

These pics will probably be the only thing mildly amusing about these posts, because hey, it's golf

So I'm not sure if most of the people who read this site have any interest in golf whatsoever, but I have run it by our fearless leader, (thefinch, not Kim Jong-il) and have been given permission to follow TCU's own JJ Henry through the PGA season. I won't bore you with shot by shot details as he goes through his rounds, but I plan on posting his results in each weeks tournament. Like it or hate, I figured it was a good way to show our support for a fellow Frog and add another sport to the mix.

Anyways, JJ shot a 71 to close out the weekend at the Transitions Championship in Tampa Bay, leaving him tied for 20th. This is his 4th best result so far this year, and he is currently sitting 42nd in points in the FedEx cup standings. Next up is the Arnold Palmer Invitational down the road in Orlando, I'll keep yall posted.

Texas tears