Friday, February 11, 2011

Climbing the Mountain

New highlight video from TCU

The Streak Ends in Laramie.

This picture gives Hank Thorns sad head.

In what was one of the safer predictions I've ever made in my life, the Frogs came through on Wednesday night against UNLV in not losing to the Rebels by 30+ points. However, the 94-79 defeat demonstrated yet against how far the talent gap is between the Horned Frogs and even the middle of the Mountain West Conference. The 94 points were by far the most the team has given up all year to an opponent - although they've shockingly bested it themselves a few times on offense - and, despite clawing back from 20 points down to make it a two possession game late, the Frogs lack of defense ultimately sunk them. The losing streak stretched to seven, Hank Thorns career night was squandered - pretty solid piece by Mac Engel on Thorns and his emotional state at present. read: not very gud, although he still radiates the swagger and cocksure attitude of an ACC basketball player, which I'm not sure is a good or a bad thing - and the season that won't die rolls on.

Perhaps the biggest result of the loss? The season pretty much comes down to tomorrow afternoon in Laramie, because if the Frogs can't get a win there, then a one win conference season is all but signed, sealed and delivered. Back when the two teams played in January, TCU put together one of their more complete games of the year, pulling out a 78-60 victory and, temporarily, righting the ship that at that point still had some wind in its sails. Now? Both teams are in a downward looping spiral towards the horizon that would make JFK, Jr. envious. Wyoming is the only team in the conference with a worse overall record than TCU at 8-15, and they recently relieved their head coach of his duties. And, of course, you know our current plight.

Of course, in that first game Ronnie Moss absolutely blew up to the tune of 27 points and 10 boards, so if you wipe that out, the Frogs should lose this one by 9, but fear not, Frogs fans, because I think the desperation of the moment will finally get to these guys. They know as well as we all do that this is truly their last chance for a victory in the 2011 season and, even if it's against an 8 win team that they've already kayoed once, when your year as been as poor as this one, anything is a building block for the future. At least I hope the guys see it that way, because if you can't show enough heart to beat the teams on your schedule that are worse than you - especially when there are so few - then the prospects for the future of this program are even grimmer than imagined.

Priest signs with Atlanta

More than a year after his college career ended, Rafael Priest's NFL career has finally begun- he signed a contract with the Atlanta Falcons today. After starting for four years at TCU, Priest's transition to the next level was apparently derailed by an injury he sustained in the Fiesta Bowl against Boise State. Always good to hear about a Frog getting a chance in the NFL, especially one that I think we all thought the league had overlooked. Best of luck, Rafael!

Scheduling Hate

Are you sure you want more of this, Bielema?

Let me start by saying this: this Wisconsin/TCU scheduling debacle is quite possibly the stupidest thing that ESPN has tried to turn into a news story since Zenyatta, the undefeated horse (seriously, who gives a shit about horses). And Jeff Caplan from ESPN Dallas, you can go to Hell. Your primary job at ESPN is to report on behalf of the Metroplex. Actually, that's your only job, and you publish a non story and title it "TCU Turns Down Wisconsin Rematch". Sure, I guess that's partially true- we did turn down a rematch. We turned down a 1 time trip to the land of cheese, Milwaukee's Best, obese women, and elastic wastebands. What sense does it make for us to go up there? ZERO. We would have had to back out on Baylor, a team that has been a loyal glutton for our punishment over the past few years, and schedule Wisconsin in their place thus screwing over Baylor. Also, this alleged "third party" that approached both sides did it long before Tech revealed that they indeed have a man-gina, so there was no reason for us to add another game.

All of this reporting on this story is completely blown out of proportion, and not to mention it is almost entirely spun to paint TCU in a negative light. I saw that we got a mention on ESPN's "Around the Horn" program today, but I was too busy getting a scalp massage from some 22 year old hairstylist with 3 kids, a nose ring and a tramp stamp at Knockouts to hear what they all had to say. If anyone saw it, please fill me in on who took a stance against us so I can now hate them as well. Honestly, I don't fault all of the sports reporters/writers for seeing this story and thinking that we are cowards and not true to our word. I do blame the people who broke the story, spun it negatively, and have the rest of the country seeing it through Wisconsin colored lenses. I can't reiterate enough how little sense it would make for TCU, the WINNERS OF THE ROSE BOWL, to cancel a game against an in-state semi rival BCS team in Baylor, just over an away from our home field and go up to Madison to play a team that is still so clearly butt-hurt about Andy Dalton shredding their defense and Tank Carder batting down their hopes and dreams on the pristine Rose Bowl field. Scoreboard, Badgers. Now grow up and get over it. If you want to play us, schedule a home and home and we'd be thrilled. We aren't making a one time trip to the dairy to play you without something in return. Not to mention we are trying to add more home games this year thanks to the MWC giving us the finger on the way out, so going on the road more isn't really in our plans. We've got open dates at Amon G. Carter if you wanna suck it up and deal with construction, or maybe head over to Jerry World. Didn't think so.

In my opinion, the person who should come out looking worse than anyone is Bret Bielema. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Bret spelled with 1 "t" the way girls are supposed to spell it? I think it would be like a guy being named Erin. Anyways, from what I've gathered it was Bielema who got the ball rolling on this whole issue by spouting his mouth off on a radio show about how he would've loved to schedule us this year but we said no. Once again, all true, but of course he didn't go further into it and explain the details of why we said no. He just wanted to spin it to make us look like cowards who are afraid of his big, bad Badgers. Listen up, Bret, you had your chance and you got overwhelmingly outcoached and out-athleted. I don't think every other coach that lost BCS games spends the tail end of their recruiting season crying like a bitch to the media about how TCU won't give us a rematch. Take your medicine, and shut your mouth. You got beat, now be a man about it. Sorry our defense was too talented to allow your fatbacks and clumsy quarterback to score more than 19 points. We're not Minnesota, and we're not Northwestern. Take it out on them again next year by trying to throw up 80 points again you classless jackass. Clearly you have no ability to win or lose with any dignity. Your whining makes Mack Brown look like William Wallace.

I also can't discuss this situation without making mention of our dear friends, the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Good lord, their fans sure have come out of the woodwork to jump all over TCU for not scheduling Wisconsin, basically calling us hypocrites, cowards, and any other words they learned in their remedial english classes. Let me put this as simply as I possibly can for all the Tech people out there, since clearly their brains don't function at the level of any educated person's: THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT YOU DID TO US! It's not even close. We never had a home and home scheduled with Wisconsin. We never had ANYTHING scheduled with Wisconsin. We didn't jump ship...twice. We refused to back out on one of our opponents (something Tech has no issue with) in order to travel a few thousand miles further to play a team we just beat. So, Tech, explain to me how this situation is even remotely similar, or did that explanation hurt your brain so much that now you need a juice box and a nap? So Tech, please shut up. We own you in everything, and you don't have a dog in this fight, so just go back to being irrelevant.

Finally, I know it's out of character of these two because they have class and are above this kind of thing, but I'd like Coach Patterson or Chris Del Conte to come to our defense and maybe do a little damage control. Damage control isn't really the right phrase because really nothing wrong has been done, but I'd like to see one of them step up and defend our program. Merely a statement of facts for why this game isn't happening would suffice even. There's just no reason for TCU to let ESPN and other media outlets walk all over us and make us come off as cowards who don't want to play the big boys. That's clearly not the issue, and this could all be taken care of with about a one paragraph statement. Unfortunately, little ole spitblood doesn't get the kind of exposure necessary for my rantings and ravings to clear the name of TCU, but I give Del Conte rights to plagarize me if he wants to use it in his defense of our program. Also, how awesome would it be if he publically requested a home and home with the Badgers in the future? That would turn the tables a bit, and if they said no then they suddenly look like cowards. DO IT!

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