Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lessons in SMU Sad Face: The Super Bowl.

SMU... doesn't have one.

Texas weather sucks. This is no secret. Texas weather is among the worst weather in the country as far as extremes. When it's hot outside, it's HOT outside; when it's cold, it can be like it is right now. And if there's anyone who's more angry about the coldest week in the history of Dallas than Jerry Jones, it just might be June Jones.

For those of you who have been iced in and completely tuned out the outside world this week, here's a recap: the "North Texas" Super Bowl has been an abject disaster. Well, not necessarily a disaster because all of these things minus the weather could've been forseen, but seriously, think about the facts. The two teams are staying over 25 miles from the site of the Super Bowl. The media is staying over 25 miles from the site of the Super Bowl. All of the Super Bowl related events are being held over 25 miles from the Super Bowl. This creates a disastrous situation in good weather, but in an ice storm? Let's just say Roger Goodell probably took Jerry Jones out of his "Super Bowl Host Committee" email list.

Of course, with the two Super Bowl teams practicing at the home of two division one football programs, the weather won't be an issue as far as practice is concerned, right? Because division one football programs worth their salt have indoor practice facilities, right? Yes... unless you're SMU, that is. And if the Packers lose the Super Bowl, that program is going to catch all of sorts of hell.

The Steelers have it good. If things don't work out outside in Fort Worth, they can walk 50 feet and go inside, which they have done. But in Dallas? You not only have to move locations, you have to move to a HIGH SCHOOL. Yep, SMU, the most cocaine fueled economic entity since the country of Colombia has to defer to a public high school when it comes to their Super Bowl host team. And while there are legions of Highland Park graduates spitting on their keyboards at the sight of me referring to their school as public, do not be confused - it is as public as Paschal, it's the neighborhood that creates the barriers to entry. How humiliating is that? Can you imagine if we told the Steelers that they had to go to Southlake to practice? You can believe Dan Rooney would get off of Obama's lap long enough to file a complaint with the league.

And, to make things even better, the Packers have to dress at SMU. Seriously, today I drove by SMU on the way to lunch and saw the entire Irving Police Department guarding the Packers buses as the players dressed out and got ready to board their yellow dogs on the way to a high school for practice. Ok, so they weren't on yellow dogs, but they may as well have been. Compare the situations here: The Steelers stay at the Downtown Fort Worth Omni, ride 10 minutes to the Sam Baugh practice facility, and then head home just as easily. The Packers have to stay at the IRVING Omni, ride 25-30 minutes to SMU, get dressed and then bus to a high school to practice, go back to SMU to clean up, then battle beatdown rush hour traffic on 183 to return home. If an NFC team ever lobbies for Jerry Jones to host another Super Bowl, then you'll know some extreme amounts of cash have exchanged hands.

SMU may have the Bush library and the Blvd, but at least we look the part of a successful football program.

Cradle of Champions

If you have visited Sundance Square in the past week or so, then you would have probably noticed this 16 foot tall steel structure parked in front of the ESPN tent. The sculpture is made out of steel and other materials from high school stadiums around the State of Texas to commemorate Texas high school football players that made it to the NFL. It is a sight to see if you get the chance. But if you don't get the chance to see it this week, then guess what? You get to see it anytime you want coming next year. That's right!! According to this article on ESPN, Mayor Moncreif has decided that the best final resting place will be right in front of the freshly renovated Amon G. next year. Mayor Moncrief has done so much for TCU in the past few years, and this is another great gesture by the Mayor. We are going to have a piece of superbowl memorabilia/new Texas football memorial parked right in front of The Carter. Not only will it look badass, but as the article points out, it could be a good recruiting tool in the future. So, don't worry if you don't get to get out in this cold weather to see the memorial, bc it will be coming to a stadium near you.

Signing Day Press Conference at 2:00pm

Hopefully by then all of the LOI's will be faxed in to the coaches' office. Click HERE to watch the press conference live. And if anyone is going to the reception tonight, we'd love a recap of what is said!

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Signing Day is Here

As fans, we look ahead to National Signing Day quite a bit. It's fun to see the next wave of stars who will hopefull bring more conference championships, more BCS bowl trips and possibly even that elusive national title. As big a day as it is for us, though, imagine how big a day today is for the young men signing on to officially become Horned Frogs. For them and their families (like Blake Roberts and his family last year in the picture above), it's the culmination of a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

A lot of you out there have been following recruiting from the beginning, and some of you for the past few weeks. But there are plenty of those out there, I'm sure, that are checking into recruiting for the first time today. And that's OK- we're here to cater to all kinds of Frog fans.

Barring any last minute suprise additions or subtractions, these are the 26 players we expect to be introduced at TCU's signing day press conference this afternoon:

-Quincy Aldridge, DB from Whitehouse, TX
-James Bailey, DB from Everman, TX
-Trevone Boykin, QB from Mesquite, TX (West Mesquite HS)
-LaDarius Brown, WR/DB from Waxahachie, TX
-David Bush, WR from Tyler, TX (John Tyler HS)
-Jamie Byrd, DB from Dade City, FL (Pasco HS)
-Brandon Carter, WR/DB from Euless, TX (Trinity HS)
-Brady Foltz, OL from Rose Hill, KS
-Travoskey Garrett, DB from Lufkin, TX
-Deryck Gildon, LB from Arlington, TX (Martin HS)
-Chazten Gonzales, QB from Del City, OK
-Kolby Griffin, DB from Houston, TX (St. Pius X HS)
-Chris Hackett, DB from Tyler, TX (John Tyler HS)
-Chad Hedlund, K from Argyle, TX
-Chuck Hunter, DT from West Monroe, LA
-Jon Lewis, DT from Klein, TX (Klein Oak HS)
-Dominic Merka, QB/TE from Crosby, TX
-Jamelle Naff, OL from Del City, OK
-Davion Pierson, DT from Oklahoma City, OK (Millwood HS)
-David Porter, WR from DeSoto, TX
-Laderice Sanders, LB from Arlington, TX (Arlington High)
-Austin Terry, LB/DL from Lago Vista, TX
-Bobby Thompson, OL from Midland, TX (Midland Christian HS)
-Jason Verrett, DB from Fairfield, CA (Santa Rosa JC)
-Carter Wall, OL from Richmond, TX (Travis HS)
-Cameron White, WR from DeSoto, TX