Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dalton a first-rounder?

Could Dalton's strong senior year have raised his draft stock all the way to the first round? ESPN's John Clayton thinks it's possible. Check out the Q&A from his column:

Q: I'm curious if TCU QB Andy Dalton goes in the first round. Dalton, to me, has all the qualities of a franchise quarterback, but I know that some would disagree with that.
Gary in Middlebury, Ind.

A: I could see the Jaguars taking him at No. 16. He has all the makings of a good quarterback prospect. The Dolphins and Vikings probably will go the veteran route. They are trying to win now. I'm not sold the Redskins would take him. For quarterbacks, though, this draft seems very intriguing.

This is the first I've seen the possibility of him being chosen so early mentioned. Certainly his total destruction of Utah in Salt Lake City and his Rose Bowl performance gave him a solid ending to his great college career, but it'll probably be how he performs in this coming week's practices for the Senior Bowl that will decide his ultimate draft stock.