Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My (Hate Filled) Take on the Tech Bailout Round 2

Run of the mill Tech student.

Honestly everyone, Tech sucks. Their glory days of Mike Leach parading around Lubbock punishing rum and giving creepy pirate rape grunts to every coed that crossed his path are gone. They will no longer be jamming cocky, spoiled brat daddy's boys in sheds to treat concussions. The only winner to ever graze the dusty plains of Lubbock is long gone, and they ran him out to bring in an out of his prime former SEC coach in Tuberville (who was run out of Auburn so they could, um, win a national championship). The sex appeal of Tech has died off and they will now go back to the era of mediocrity similar to the years led by Spike Dykes, who somehow became a legend in Lubbock, but I think that's just because he was the only person dumb enough to willingly grow old as shit in Lubbock. Yeah, it sucks that Tech bailed AGAIN. They basically shoved a fist right up our schedule's ass. But I'm going to take a different approach and tell you why this could actually be a good thing for TCU.

For starters, like I mentioned earlier: They SUCK now. Sure, the people who oppose what I am saying will say they went 8-4 this year, they won a bowl game, Tuberville is going to have them playing defense, etc, etc, etc. I respond with this: you lost to Texas. Anyone who lost to Texas last year SUCKS (even you, Nebraska). You gave up 52 points to Iowa State. Your defense is nowhere near fixed and never will be. You squeaked by the likes of SMU, Baylor, Missouri, and Colorado. In fact, the most impressive wins on your schedule are Baylor and Missouri. Good for you. Yes, you beat Northwestern by a touchdown in your bowl game- a Northwestern team that was playing without their starting QB and STILL scored 38 points against you. I think 38 points might be more than every other Big 10 team's combined totals for New Years Day. Congrats. Nice Ticket City Bowl front of about 15,000 people IN DALLAS. So losing Tech from the schedule really isn't that big of a blow. They are in the lower tier of the Big 12 South, and now they are just in the lower tier of the Big 12-2=10. I know beating them is a blast, but do we really need 2 Baylors to humiliate??? No, we'll be fine without you. A Lousiana directional school might be a more stellar competitor anyways.

Also, I don't really want their fans coming in to town, complete with barbed wire tats, black wife-beater tank tops, and Pauly-D hairdos, and spreading their Raider Rash around our beautiful city. Honestly, as much as we rip UT for being full of themselves and their unwarranted elitist attitudes, is there a worse fan base than Tech fans? I say no. I haven't spent much time in Lubbock, but I bet the majority of vehicles there are shitty crew cab pick ups, lifted on huge tires, with flowmasters and roll bars, that are caked in dirt from some hard core offroading. Basically what I'm getting at is that Tech students are nothing but older high school students, and their education and intelligence reflect that. They're loud, obnoxious, ignorant, and seemingly have no knowledge of the game of football whatsoever. Their main concern is to tell you that you suck, that they are better than you, and then after they get their shit packed in by your superior team they just try to fight you to justify themselves and they usually lose that as well. And yes, I'm fully aware that I am completely stereotyping the Tech student, and I know they have a large frat contingency as well, but those guys suck too, just in a different way. Although they don't look the same as the aforementioned meat heads who jersey shore out the campus, their actions are usually about the same, but their rage is usually fueled by cocaine and whiskey, not steroids and herpes itch. So what I'm getting at here is that it's not such a bad thing that this god awful sect of society is no longer coming to Fort Worth. I've made a point of not being around any of those people, and I'd like to keep it that way (although I have a brother who went to Tech, but even he hates Tech). We don't want their students and young alumni flooding the Aardvark, Capital Bar, 7th street, or wherever else we might frequent, because it will inevitably result in some moron running his ignorant Tech mouth while dip spit runs down his chin about how much better Tech is and how TCU plays nobody and would get stomped in the Big 12, and this would also be likely to happen on Saturday after they lost as well. They are that dumb. And to prove that they are dumb, here's a quote from the comments section of the ESPN Dallas article...

"TCU has had ONE good season, last year WITH DALTON. And I know they were ranked in 2009 high but they weren't that good that year. Now Daltons gone, TCU is mediocre at best. I could care less if we play these tiny schools, there not the big boys. And TCU w/o Dalton is nothing."

Thanks for that, ryanrttu. I could sit there and point out all the grammatical and just basic English flaws of that post, but why bother? The quote itself just proves the kind of idiots we are dealing with. Texas Tech is the essence of mediocrity, both on the field and in their fan base, so I'd rather find another team to schedule.

Tech is SCARED. It's pretty obvious (and flattering). So last year they duck us because we bring in a senior laden squad fresh off BCS experience and loaded with talent. This year we lose our QB, leading receivers, 4 linemen, and just about half of our defense...AND THEY'RE STILL SCARED! If there is a time to play us, it would seemingly be now. If it's true that Tech is open to playing us in the future, I would bet it's because they are waiting for us to come down a bit. I've got bad news for Tech- we will NEVER be down on your level again. We are light years ahead of you as a program and an institution of higher learning. You people are the laughing stock of universities nationwide, and your football program is as run of the mill as it gets, so I wouldn't hold your breath for the day that TCU and Tech are near equals again. That ship has sailed, right along with Mike Leach, your pirate loving savior that your inadequate athletic department ran out of town.

I have no idea what the schedule will look like next year, and since Tech showed their vagina and ran away, I'm assuming that it could be quite difficult to piece together a decent looking non-conference schedule for the fall. Hopefully we swing a deal a la the Clemson game or Oregon State game, and I imagine we'll be able to find at least 1 BCS school with a pair of nuts to play us, but I hope we can fill the entire schedule to look at decent. I have all the faith in GP and CDC to get this done, and I'm sure they'll pull another rabbit out of their hat. It just pisses me off that a Big 12 school this close to Fort Worth could be so cowardly and tuck their tail between their legs for a second straight year. But like I said earlier, it could be worse. It's not a like a REAL team dropped us from the schedule. It's just Tech.

Red Raiders to stay at home...

And yank on themselves instead of coming to Fort Worth, according to ESPN. On the same day we hear the Boise game is likely to move from Fort Worth to the smurf turf it appears a done deal now that the Red Raiders will once again back out on the Frogs.

Last year we were able to pick up a Jerry World game against Oregon State but this year we now have three games to fill. Del Conte is going to have his work cut out filling out the schedule this year.

Meet the Future Frogs: The DeSoto Duo

In the week following Trevone Boyking becoming #10, the Horned Frogs returned to Dallas County to find the 11th and 12th members of the 2011 Recruiting Class in DeSoto wide receivers Cameron White and David Porter.

White, who's listed at 6'2" 185lbs with a 4.38 forty, was originally the first member of this year's class, having committed way back in July of 2009. But last February he opened things back up to evaluate all of his options- hard to blame the kid, he had offers from coast to coast. After transferring from Arlington Bowie to DeSoto prior to his senior year, White hauled in 42 passes for 582 yards and 14 TDs. He's listed by rivals as the #41 wide receiver in the country and the #71 overall player in Texas.

White's teammate, David Porter, committed to TCU five days after White on June 23rd. Like White, Porter also had scholarship offers from all over the map. He's a bit smaller- listed at 6'0" 185lb - but had a more productive senior year for the Eagles, snatching 70 passes for 905 yards and 7 TDs. Rivals has him listed as the #36 receiver in the nation, and the #59 overall player in Texas.

Boise on the blue?

Originally Boise was simply supposed to fill in for Utah this season which would mean that Broncos would be traveling to Amon G this fall. However, it appears that since the MWC is understandably not happy with our pending departure to the Big East the game will likely be moved to Boise. I don't know if that means that we will get to play a different MWC team at home or how that would impact our other games.

Read the story in the Idaho Statesman here

The real question this creates is, will Boise now be my conference road trip game or can will it be possible to endure the blue turf for a full game on TV?

Meet the Future Frogs: Trevone Boykin

Less than a week after TCU received the commitment from Chazten Gonzales, they went back for another QB to be the 10th member of their 2011 recruiting class, landing West Mesquite's Trevone Boykin on June 17th.

Boykin, listed at 6'1" 205lbs with a 4.5 forty time, is listed by Rivals as the #23 dual-threat QB in the country. As a senior, he led West Mesquite to an 8-2 regular season and then two playoff wins throwing for 2,930 yards and 28 TDs and adding another 1,799 yards and 30 TDs on the ground. Let that sink in...he accounted for about 364 total yards and 4 and a half touchdowns every game. How do you score a half a touchdown? I don't know, I'm not Trevone Boykin. For his career, he accounted for over 9,000 total yards and 100 TDs.

As was the case with Sam Carter last year and the other two QBs in this class (Dominic Merka and Gonzales), Boykin could very well end up leading the Frogs' offense in the coming years from behind center but is athletic enough to impact the team from any number of positions. Watch:

Morning Dump

Three Frogs headed to all-star game in Arizona

Two TCU players in NFLPA game
San Antonio Express

Klein Oak's Lewis verbals to TCU
Klein Sun

Euless Trinity WR/QB switches commitment to TCU
Dallas Morning News

Carter switches verbal commitment from OU to TCU
Fox Sports Southwest

Horned Frogs can't overcome BYU's fast start

"Ice" warms up to Texas, language, TCU basketball


Euless Trinity star Brandon Carter switches verbal commit from Oklahoma to TCU. I don't really know anything about this guy, but it is just hilarious that he changed from OU to us. I am sure there is some reasonable explanation besides the fact that we are awesome, but it doesnt matter.

"The Euless Trinity star receiver told on Tuesday night he is switching his verbal commitment from Oklahoma to TCU.

Carter, who had committed to Oklahoma last June, was decked out in TCU gear while watching the Trinity girls basketball team in action."

Full Article from ESPN Dallas HERE

More detailed article from the Examiner HERE