Thursday, January 6, 2011

Frogs Also Receiving Love From Columbus, OH

This digital billboard was spotted today in Columbus, OH. The pic was sent in from a loyal follower, and for that, we thank you.

In other news, the Spitblood team is working 'round the clock to bring you commemorative Spitblood Rose Bowl Champ koozies. Stay tuned.

Texas Monthly giving the Frogs some love

Gary Cartwright, who along with Dan Jenkins and Bud Shrake is one of the most gifted wordsmiths to have roamed the TCU campus, has issued a nice little write-up of the Frogs' Rose Bowl victory for the Texas Monthly website.

Sour Grapes: Cheesehead edition

Favre allegedly sent a consolation text to Coach Bielema, but we can't prove it...

I have to say, a good solid majority of the Wisconsin fans we encountered in Pasadena were friendly and down-to-earth. This post is not directed at you, decent Badger fans, but at the bastards like the ones in this video:

I think every Frog fan in attendance experienced something along these lines. I mean seriously, Wisconsin fans, I thought you hated Ohio State. So why are you acting like douchebag Buckeye fans?

The shithead factor was much less after the game, and if you venture on over to the Buckyville Forums you'll see that most of their fans have taken the loss in stride and realize that they lost to a good team. But there are still a few turds spewing sour grapes about the game, so I'll take this opportunity to respond to them.

BoKnowsBall wrote: "the TCU fans that were staying at our hotel were the lamest fans I have seen. Some of the ones that I talked to on the streets after the game and such said that they were amazed at how well we ran the ball and said that they felt like it was two really even teams."

So complimenting your team on the great game they played is 'lame'? I mean, I know that you thought your team was far superior before the game, but can you really still feel that way afterward?

...and also added: "was it just me or did the TCU band kinda suck?"

Haha, are we really talking smack about BANDS now? While you're at it, Bo, why don't you tell us what you think of our cheerleaders, mascot, trainers and equipment truck drivers? Seriously, you guys can scoreboard us at halftime all you want, I'll be in line getting a beer and some nachos.

Bajjerfan wrote: "I hope TCU enjoyed their two trips to the Rose Bowl; their first and their last. At least Wisconsin has a shot every year"

While you guys are dreaming about potential opportunities to dig yourself out of the snow and fly to L.A. in the future, we'll be polishing our trophy.

Big Eddy Springs wrote: "I am sick of the TCU love fest by ESPN...They won! Big fucking deal...Fuck them and the horse they rode in on."

"TCU love fest by ESPN"??? Do you guys have the same ESPN that we do? Because that network has been nothing but criticism of TCU by folks like Kirk Herbstreit, Craig James and Rod Gilmore for the past few months. And are you really going to "BFD" us on our Rose Bowl victory after we've had to hear over and over again how big a deal that game is and how steeped it is in tradition? As for fucking horses, well, you guys might enjoy a home & home series with A&M.

dfourni wrote: "Refs gave every call to TCU"

Ah, the old stand-by excuse that the winning team had the refs on their side. This is funny to hear, especially since Wisconsin was about the 1,000th team in a row that TCU has faced in which holding the Frog defensive linemen was considered legal.

sfbadger wrote: "I guess everything is bigger in Texas, including inferiority complexes."

Inferiority complexes? I think I'm just going to have to respond with a simple SCOREBOARD.

XPModel wrote: "I'd like to see them now play OSU next week and MSU the week following that. If they go 3-0 then we can talk about equal status."

This is like a kid losing a fight on the playground saying, "OK, you beat me up- but now you have to fight my best friend and my brother too." Beating Michigan State would make us equal? Wisconsin didn't even beat Michigan State! Or us.

DanoFiveo wrote: "can they/did they beat any team on any given day on a neutral site? Sure, but they don't play the schedules that the SEC, ACC,Big Ten, etc do..."

No, we don't play a full conference slate in one of those conferences. All we can do is play (and usually beat) the teams from those conferences who will agree to play us. If you want to prove that TCU couldn't hack it in one of those leagues, invite us to join! Of course, we'll also ask for the advantages given to the teams in those conferences, both financial and in terms of media attention.

So, Wisconsin, if you want a rematch I think TCU would be more than happy to set up a home & home series with you. Or you can always avoid the cold early in the season and come play the Frogs in baseball...

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