Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My thoughts after re-watching the Rose Bowl

I made it back from Pasadena yesterday and finally got to watch the broadcast of the game, so I thought I'd register my thoughts on it because it's not like any of you are getting tired of reading about it. So here are a few notes I took:

-Upon arrival at the stadium, it was clear that- win or lose- the Rose Bowl is about 10,000 times better than the Fiesta Bowl. Upon starting the DVR of the game, it was clear that ESPN's coverage of the BCS is about 10,000 times better than Fox's. And that's being nice.

-After all that talk about the Frogs wearing those clown-outfit uniforms, I was glad to see they wore something at least a little bit more traditional. I've always thought the purple helmet-black jersey-purple pants were the best home look (road whites are still my #1), so I was glad to see that combo in action. And the rose in the mouth of the frog on the helmet...GREATNESS.

-Speaking of uniforms, and I know Sir Wesley hit on this in his recap of the game, but Nike's new cleats seriously almost cost TCU this game. I understand the importance of the program being in tight with Nike, but the swoosh NEVER should've had our team being the guinea pig for these cleats in such an important game. If our players were wearing their usual shoes and could have kept their footing on a few plays, this game would've been over far earlier than it was.

-Deferring after winning the coin toss and thus letting Wisconsin's much-talked-about offense have the ball first was a great vote of confidence by Patterson in his defense. I loved it.

-The play on which Bart Johnson scored the game's first touchdown was a thing of beauty, using Kerley as a decoy and Johnson perfectly selling the fake that he was getting in position to block for a screen before going deep.

-I don't think I can say anything here about Tank Carder that hasn't already been said. The guy was just completely in the zone, like Stephen Hodge against Boise in the Poinsettia Bowl two years ago. The Frogs lose a lot to graduation this year, but how good does one more year of the Tank make you feel?

-There were PLENTY of other great individual performances, but I'd like to single out Jimmy Young. #88's career at TCU never quite reached the heights, statistically-speaking, that we thought they might after his incredible freshman & sophomore seasons. But he proved to be unselfish and focused on the good of the team, and came up with some absolutely HUGE catches in his final game.

-The Frogs' touchdown drive that began the second half was prolonged by a pass-interference call that the Wisconsin defenders, coaches and fans all acted like was the worst call ever. I'll admit, watching it live it looked a little questionable. But after watching the replay, come on! The defender clearly pushed Kerley to the ground before going up and getting a hand on the ball. If you push a guy to the ground and then nearly make the catch yourself, don't give me any of this "uncatchable" bullshit.

-On the much-discussed two-point conversion attempt by Wisconsin at the end of the game, everyone has been quick to point out that Tolzein's intended receiver was wide open. That's true, but he was only wide open because of a blatant offensive pass interference by another Badger, blocking Ibiloye out of the play before the ball was in the air. I'm glad that Tank was able to make the play, because it didn't look like the refs were going to call that.

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Schieffer Rules

Check out the complete lack of hesitation when Roy Munson's landlady challenges him to this bet. He's watched Patterson's team all year, so he had no problem putting up his wearing of a Wisconsin hat on his nationally-televised network show up against her wearing of a TCU hat on a local broadcast in a college town. Note to WISC-TV: 1992 called, they want their set-design back.