Saturday, January 1, 2011

TCU 21 -- Wisconsin 19

While the rest of the crew is burning down Pasadena, I just want to point out that TCU is the 2011 Rose Bowl Champion.

Let that sink in and just smile.

For me, the 4th quarter was the slowest 15 minutes in this history of sport. At this point, I would have Tank Carter's babies. I'm a dude. I don't care, I'd birth them out my pee hole. I love that dude for jumping at the right moment for knocking down that 2-point conversion pass. Why didn't Wisconsin run the ball there? Who cares!!!

demigod Gary Patterson, getting his Gatorade Bath:

H/T: 30fps

And a fun gif of the punt downed inside the 5:

Don't even have to play

Lee Corso put on the Badger headgear. I don't know why we're even playing the game.

Here's another photo of the TCU Rose Bowl Helmets. I think they're great.

The Horned Frog Rose Bowl helmet

H/T[Desmond Howard]

The Gameday Rose Bowl chat, for you fashionistas, you can see the purple pants.

Accuscore says that TCU wins 63% of the time. The average score is 32-25. has TCU as a 3 point favorite.

Lets get this game started!