Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU vs. Louisiana Tech

One last time for the 2011 football season, it's time to roll out the official predictions for tonight's game. Fill up our comments section with your predictions on:

-The final score

-MVPs for offense, defense and special teams

-Reported attendance

-Actual attendance

-Number of TCU fans present

-Pertaining to my post yesterday about TCU records, which marks does Casey Pachall meet and/or surpass?

-Which records does Josh Boyce reach and/or surpass?


FrogHorn07 said...

TCU 40 LT 10

O: Pachall
D: 'Ponga
ST: McCoy




Pachall gets Completion %, completions, 3000 yards, and falls one TD short of tying Andy.

Josh gets the yardage record 1034 yards and ties TDs at 10.

Curt McDurt said...

TCU 38 - LT 21
O: Sleeve
D: The Ponga
Sleeve: Completions, Yards & TD's
Boyce: TD's

Lyle Lanley said...

A late touchdown pulls La Tech to within 34-24.

Offense: Matthew Tucker 100+

Defense: Tank with two sacks and an INT

Special Teams: Brandon Carter cements his status as 2012's punt returner

Announced attendance: 39,000

Actual: 21,000

TCU fans (not project purple folks): 1,500

Pachall sets the record for completion percentage and yards

Boyce gets the receptions and yardage marks, ties the TD record

buffalo said...

TCU 31, LT 14

O - sleeve
D - ponga
ST - who cares, its ross evans last game! yeah!

Laces out Finkle said...

TCU 37 LT 17

O: Boyce
D: Tank
ST: McCoy

Reported: 37,500
Actual: 30,000
TCU fans: 8,500

Pachall sets records for passing yards, completions, and completion % but does not get the TD record.

Boyce sets new TCU records in all categories.

VikingFrog said...

TCU 45 Lala Tech 10

The sleeve takes over and never looks back striking fear into the Big 12 for next year.

Everyone here seems to like the Frogs by more than 10. Does that mean I should load up at -9.5? Could be a good source of income for paying off my Christmas debt.

Tyler said...

Offense: Has to be Pachall

Defense: Tank blitzing

ST: nobody




Pachall gets completion, completion %, 3000 yards, one short on TD

Boyce ties TD, gets yardage record but not receptions.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Biggest X factor in this one? Joe Tessitore in the booth! That alone makes me think the Bulldogs backdoor cover at the very least

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

TCU 31 LTech 17

Offense: Boyce
Defense: Tank
Special Teams: Graves forces a turnover with a big hit.



TCU Fans: 8,000

Pachall gets the completion %, completions and yards records. Falls one short of the TD record.

Boyce gets the yards record.