Friday, December 9, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU Hoops Edition

Prior to the TCU-Boise State football game last month, we asked all of you to submit your season predictions for Jim Christian's squad along with what you thought would happen when Patterson and his Frogs invaded that god-awful blue turf. Four weeks later, the football Frogs are Mountain West Champions once again and the TCU cagers are off to an impressive 7-2 start. So we're gonna let everyone take a mulligan and submit revised predictions on the in-progress basketball campaign. What we want, in the comments section:

-Your new prediction on the W-L record for the Frogs by the end of the year (here's their schedule)

- The final score of tomorrow's TCU-Nebraska game

- TCU's leading scorer against the Huskers

- The attendance for the game

- Who wins the Heisman? Jar-Jar Binks or other?


ThunderFrog said...

Final record for the Frogs: 18-12

Score tomorrrow: Frogs win in another nail biter 68-65.

Lead Scorer: Cadot

Attendance: 5k

Heisman: Honey Badger

Tyler said...

Final record: not in the NCAA tournament

Score: 1-0

Lead Scorer: Give me Thorns

Attendance: 25% of capacity

Heisman: Ross Evans kicks down the door to the ceremony and takes the trophy like he took that cell phone. Nobody says anything in respect of Evans street cred.

FrogHorn07 said...

Record 19-11 (8-6)

Score: TCU by 7 over the big red "N" of knowledge (biggest lead 13)

Attendance: 5,800

Heisman: Freaking RG3... I hope he goes to the NFL.

EdK said...

I have no idea how JChrist's men will do this year. They are an enigma wrapped in a cunundrum.

I think, unfortunately, RGIII should win the Heisman after knocking off TCU, Oklahoma and Texas in the same season. Pretty impressive.

Just as long as it's not that jerk from LSU.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Let's say frogs 65, huskers, 63.

I'm only brave enough to predict they win more than one conference game. Will know more tomorrow.

I can roll with 4500 attendance

It hurts but let's pull for griffin so he will take his lovely fiancé and freak athleticism to the nfl. He gives me Stockholm syndrome

THEFINCH said...

61-60 Frogs
T Rich Heisman

Slay Purple said...

Frogs finally get a 20 win season

77-70 Frogs


4k (due to finals)


shortnkerley's said...

Consider me not sold on the basketball team. Tech sucks, so that didn't impress me.

74-60 Huskers in front of an announce 4,200 but an actual 2,600.

I'll be the Randy Quaid from Major League in relation to our basketball team until they actually do something.

Should be T Rich, will be that douchenossle from Baylor who proposed by writing and singing a song.

Kev Nolan said...

go ahead and be randy quaid... you wont be alone. but we will be glad to have you aboard in purple once the bandwagon starts filling up.

Kev Nolan said...
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Kev Nolan said...
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The Legend Ratman said...

TCU wins 20 games. Book it.

TCU wins by three. Book it.

Leading scorer: Green or Fields

Attendance: Probably half Nebraska fans.

Heisman: Griffin the 3rd gets passed over by Richardson. Should go to Matheiu

shortnkerley's said...

I booked it. Then they lost by 12. Oops. I was right. What else is new?