Monday, December 5, 2011

Purple People Seaters $10 a Win Campaign

Some may be disappointed in our fate that led us to play in the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 21st against La Tech. I for one am trying to focus on the positives for this young and very talented football team that managed to win 10 games in a "down" year this season. Some of you are already on board with our $10 a win campaign but if you aren't, we are collecting $10 for each win this year for the Purple People Seaters Foundation.

Purple People Seaters seeks out youth organizations that provide positive mentorship for children and helps enable those organizations expose their children to a college environment by providing the means to bring their children to a college sporting event. The goal is to provide kids with an exciting and positive experience that exposes them to institutions of higher education in an effort to help inspire and foster their academic goals and aspirations. For many kids, it may be the first time they step foot on a college campus.

In the past we have helped this incredible organization out immensely with your kind donations. This year we have raised $660 but we are not done yet. Click here to donate for the $10 a Win Campaign. Any donation amount is much appreciated. Happy Holidays.


masterplumber75 said...

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masterplumber75 said...

Pe es win wi gitz tu biig eest duveshen , wi kan sel krak tu thim skulz tu.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

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