Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pre-Game Discussion.

I'll go ahead and get this started for those of you watching the post game, but here are my early observations

  • The stadjium - it's empty
  • Wendy Nix... kinda hot? Is it the whiskey talking? ESPN overload? You tell me
  • I don't know about you guys, but I feel a LOT better with Lennon Creer being out. Apparently I am not alone.
  • ESPN just showed the highlights of the Boise game. I'm not saying I forgot about Pachall's big day... but my GOD he went off.
  • Boo Kellen Moore
  • Why didn't we beat Baylor?
  • McShay reporting that Lennon Creer will play? What gives?
  • Frogs are reportedly missing four players, Antoine Hicks being one. Anyone know the others? Cam White just tweeted... could it be him?


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Alright, after a mere 10 minutes of this, I think a change of plan is in order. Rather than try and put together a fancy order to these postings, I'll just update with a new post every 5 minutes of gametime and update from there. So, the first post will cover 15-10, the second 10-5 and the third 5-0. Comment accordingly. SOrry for all the thinking involved here.

purpleheart said...

Get in the stadium you lucky bastards who are actually there. Wtf

purpleheart said...
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