Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Morning Dump


Greg McCoy finds success through family and hard work Star-Telegram

TCU, Louisiana Tech players visit Make A Wish Foundation event Star-Telegram

TCU takes in Tuesday of Poinsettia Bowl Week gofrogs.com


USC thumps TCU, 83-59 Star-Telegram

Lady Frogs (5-5) host Tulsa (3-5) tonight gofrogs.com


Frogs ranked #10 in preseason poll gofrogs.com


EdK said...

I was one of the unlucky few -- although there were about 50 TCU fans in attendance -- who watched the carnage Monday night in person.

Anyone who has any illusions that the Frogs will creep far above the cellar in the MWC this sason in hoops needs to take a chill pill.

Folks, they stink.

Now part of that can be attributed to an outworldly performance by USC's Maurice Drew, but the Frogs fumbled and stumbled their way through the game. I lost count after turnover 18.

For some strange reason JChrist decided to keep Thorns on the bench for most the first half (he had two fouls), presumeably because he couldn't cover Drew, but the freshman Anderson didn't fare much better.

I mean, USC is a pretty lousy team, so take that as an indicator of how this year will go. I saw TCU play TTech on TV, and the Raiders weren't very good either and that game came down to the wire.

There really isn't much to get excited about. Most of the time, they looked pretty clueless -- greasy fingers under the boards and dribbling and passing into traffic on the perimeter.

Let's hope this was just an off game, but it looks to me like they just, well, are not very good.

EdK said...

Excuse me, Maurice Jones: 25 points, 7 assists, lots of havoc.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Do our collective PPS contributions cancel out the good karma the LT squad generated by giving away their swag to the needy/