Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Morning Dump

TCU coach Gary Patterson upset with coaches' poll

No BCS bowl this year, but also nothing to be blue about

Big 12 new member update: TCU ESPN

TCU - Totally Consistent U

Bowl analysis: TCU, Boise State dealt lousy hand
Austin American-Statesman

Texas Tech pays visit to TCU

TCU men's basketball hosts Texas Tech tonight - will game be decided by 0.5 points?

Prince honored by Mountain West Monday


EdK said...

Gee, Rod Gilmore was complimentary toward TCU for once and I STILL don't like him.

EdK said...

Patterson really has no reason to complain about Petersen placing TCU 18th in his ballot -- Boise needed TCU to finish higher than 16th for Boise to have a BCS shot.

I hate it when GP complains -- it never does any good and only reflects badly on him, especially when he is usually so good at taking the high road.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Eh I wouldn't say this reflects badly on him, necessarily. Think about it - You beat a team at their place where they haven't lost in 80 years despite the Conference gift wrapping them a victory, and then they slight you like that. TCU's final spot had NO bearing on Boise's chances - they couldn't qualify as an autobid since they didnt' win the MWC. They always had to go the at large route. If someone was going to take them, they would have regardless of TCU being an auto qualifier. Clearly that didn't happen and I think it's the funniest shit ever. Have fun in the Big East, jackasses.