Monday, December 5, 2011

Morning Dump

Patterson takes TCU' Poinsettia Bowl invitation in stride

Patterson talks Poinsettia Bowl

TCU Horned Frogs gets Poinsettia Bowl bid vs Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

TCU women take inconsistent win

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EdK said...

It's official. College football is run by the Southern mafia -- it's an SEC/ACC conspiracy.

VaTech gets a BCS game? The Indy bowl picks an ACC team and a future SEC team to play in Louisiana over any MWC team?

Georgia and Clemson wind up ahead of TCU in the polls?

Not to mention Oklahoma State getting bumped by Alabama -- seriously does anybody care who wins the title game?

The computers and experts all say that the Big 12 was the best conference this year top-to-bottom but it sure didn't show in the polls, except for the absurdity of UT being ranked 24th in the BCS. Dem 'Horns stink.