Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lost Dog Alert, TCU Area.

This is Rufus, a tri-color Basset Hound that got out last night and is most likely still in the TCU area. Since we supposedly have a lot of TCU readers, figured everybody out there can help keep a lookout and spread the word.

Why am I using SB to post about some lost dog? Because this is Rufus SHIVERS, as in Rufus belongs to Luke Shivers (You know, Senior Fullback, #48) and he has been posting all over Facebook about every hour. Rufus is TCU Family. Plus, I have a soft spot for dogs and especially hounds.


Reed said...

stuff likes this makes me wish i still lived in FW the most

VikingFrog said...

Reed likes people losing their dogs.

I jest, but seriously hope Shivers finds his dog.

I'll be on the lookout although I doubt he makes it over to West Seventh area.

Auxilio said...

I had to hold my basset hound as we put her to sleep a couple weeks ago. Definitely will keep an eye out for Rufus.

VikingFrog said...

According to the other site. Looks like Rufus has been found. Glad to know we have our own Amber alert system for tcu players dogs. Perhaps this can be used as a recruiting tool.

Glad he's back.