Thursday, December 8, 2011

Justin Fuente Heading East.

Hope you got those Rose Bowl pressers out of your system, Justin.
Like Kitty Sanchez's fake rack, it'll be the last time you get to see them.

As it was with Chad Glasgow last year - apparently you CAN'T learn GP's defense by osmosis, eh Tech? - with on field success comes defections and it appears Co-OC Justin Fuente will be jumping aboard the SS Memphis. Apparently our coaches have enough street cred and respect to actually receive legitimate contract offers that don't get pulled at the 11th hour. This comes as a bit of a surprise as the rumblings had hardly begun by the time his signing was announced, but best of luck to Justin and I think we should all give him a standing O at our desks for the way he helped transform TCU from a team with all defense and no offense into a team with all defense but also with offense. Memphis has absolutely nowhere to go but up and you have to think Fuente has as good a chance as anyone to get them back on track. Considering they only scored 16 points a game this year, an offensive minded coach sounds like just what the doctor ordered, although the Memphis faithful clearly disagree based on the comments section. Hopefully Justin can hit the ground running and convert the naysayers with on field performance. I seem to recall another lightly regarded TCU coordinator that was thrust into a head coaching position to the chargrin of the fanbase who has made a pretty good name for himself...

So what does this mean for TCU? I don't mean that rhetorically - I really want to know. How did our Co-OC system work? How did they split duties? Who was in the booth? Are we going to turn into New Mexico overnight, scoring wise? Facts, give them to me in the comments.


EdK said...

Although Fuente and Anderson shared the weekly planning and strategy, it was Fuente who called the plays on game day.

Personally, I don't think TCU will miss a beat. Anderson has been at TCU for over a decade. And, although Fuente has done a fantastic job, I thought his play calling this year was uneven, compared to season's past.

JW said...

I am pretty sure TCU will win the Big 12 next year without Fuente. Sorry to see him go though.

Reed said...

i would like to see us bring in a proven QB coach

Lyle Lanley said...

Anderson to full-time OC/switch his positional duties back to WRs.

Burns move from WRs to QBs.

Williamson and Sharp remain coaching OL and TEs, respectively.

That would create a job opening for a new RBs coach. To be filled by LaDainian Tomlinson???

Sir Wesley Willis said...

We should hire June Jones as QB coach, just for lulz.