Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Quarter, Part 1.

  • Kickoff... almost broke it
  • TRICKERATION!!!!!! F, we're gonna lose
  • TANK!!! He's ALIVE!!!!!! Was kinda worried bout him. Bummer that wasn't a fumble tho.
  • Is Ichiro Suzuki playing wideout for the Bulldogs?
  • First look at the magical punter...UNREAL!!! 1 yard line. Give him the trophy... wait, they already have? Ok, acceptable.
  • I realize Lou Holtz is a well respected coach.. but can you imagine a fiery halftime speech from him? LOLz abound.
  • First test for the LT run defense after the penalty... a 2 yard loss. Yikes!
  • Kelton answers! Who's the champion?
  • Colby Cameron is the most brotastic socal name since Brody Jenner
  • Fear the white running back... except when he's 4 feet tall and gets tripped at the line.
  • Phenomenal coverage there by Devin Johnson. No arguments from La Tech. Kid has a future.


THEFINCH said...

How far does that Skye play go for if caught? His lack of hands baffle me, that pass was on the freakin $

THEFINCH said...

Flyin T in sleeves head. god I love that guy

LA Frog said...

I don't want to think of Holtz's wrinkled tattoos (he was making fun of Casey)