Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A few thoughts on last night's win

How refreshing is it to read stuff about the TCU basketball program that isn't complete doom & gloom? This current squad still has a lot to prove, but I had a ball watching their win over Tech last night and am pretty excited about their potential. Here are a few thoughts that I took from the game:

-This team doesn't have an elite scorer, but Garlon Green and J.R. Cadot (18 points apiece) showed flashes of their play-making ability in this one. As a team, the Frogs are searching for consistency on offense- but these guys especially have a chance to really shine once they hit midseason form.

-No one would have mistaken Daniel-Meyer for Phogg-Allen Fieldhouse last night, but it was definitely a step in the right direction in regard to the crowd. 6,290 was the announced tally, and it sounded like the students were making a good amount of noise. With the entire day to 'prepare', I expect even rowdier support for the Nebraska game on Saturday.

-I think Adrick McKinney and Craig Williams have played admirably in the early part of this season, but I still worry about the Frogs' depth down low. McKinney fouled out last night, and Williams ended the game with 4 fouls. What will happen in conference play if both get in early foul trouble?

-Major props to whomever at TCU that decided not to put any conference logo on the court this season. The new MWC logo is even uglier than the old one, and I see no reason for us to help them with branding.

-Tech freshman Jordan Tolbert, a product of Fort Worth's All Saints High School, was the personification of how good this TCU program could be if we dominated local recruiting. I don't think the Red Raiders are much of a threat to win the Big 12 this year, but Tolbert is headed toward a great year and eventually the NBA.

-Could Dave Ryan and Pete Gillen, the broadcast crew from the CBS Sports Network, have mailed this one in any more than they did? Hey guys, I realize TCU-Tech isn't quite Duke-UNC, but at least act like you care to be there.


Snowfrog said...

How difficult was it to watch the Frogs play b-ball last night. Living in South Carolina I was excited to get a look at the Frogs who are off to a decent start, but the comentary was ridiculous. They were almost willing Tech to come back and beat us. Their bias was almost as bad as Joe Buck anouncing MLB, or Van Gundy with the NBA!

On another note LL I also liked the fact we didn't have a MW logo in the paint.

Tanner said...

If we were in the big 12 now, we would have already equaled our conference wins from last year!

Didn't we win literally one conference game last year?

EdK said...

It was fun to see TCU win on TV, but there is a long way to go. Still, fun night.

I look forward to seeing the Frogs in person when they hook up with USC (my daughter's alma mater).

With Thorns, Williams and Cadot seniors, JChrist is going to need to recruit a major juco talent to compete next year.