Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dalton Likely to Play in Pro Bowl.

Yes, Mrs. Dalton, looks like you'll be able to escape beautiful Cincinnati, at least for a weekend.

Not a bad week for Frogs in the NFL, as long as those Frogs don't play for the Jets. Marshall Newhouse, who has been a starter for weeks now, and Marcus Cannon saw extensive action for their Playoff bound teams in wins. Plus, after connecting on one of the most incredible touchdowns you will ever see to Jerome Simpson, Andy Dalton topped it off by being named the first Pro Bowl alternate for the AFC under center - yes, over team Tebow, an upset in itself based on the media slob he receives. It didn't come without its hiccups, though, as Dalton was left off the initial roster pretty unfairly in lieu of Phillip Rivers, the most overrated QB at any level. However, the league saved some face with this move and Dalton is next in line should Tom Brady, Ben Rape or Rivers back out.

So what are the chances of this happening? A few years ago Dalton would've had a slim hope outside of one of those guys just up and deciding they didn't want to spend the last NFL weekend of the year in Hawaii tossing a few passes and sipping Mai Tai's. But now, with the game being moved to the week in between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl and remaining on the mainland, that has all changed. If a selected player is on a Super Bowl team, they will choose to sit out the Pro Bowl. Rivers' Chargers are going to be sitting at home come January, but I'd bet my life either the Patriots of the Steelers make the Super Bowl this year, thus eliminating one of those guys from the roster and moving Dalton into their spot. Sorry, Texans fans. But even if neither of those teams make it, Rape has been insanely banged up this year and it's likely he would choose to sit out the game for the sake of his brain and body. So I'm not just saying there's a chance he'll join teammate and safety net AJ Green in the Pro Bowl, I'm saying it's gonna happen.

So I think we should all give Red a standing ovation at our desks this morning on doing something that would've been deemed absolutely had you posed the question last off season. A rookie QB playing for the BENGALS of all teams in the Pro Bowl? Hell, frozen over, it has. That probably won't help Frogs recruiting in the slightest bit. It's likely Cam Newton is going to get the nod for Rookie of the Year - and, as first alternate for the NFC, perhaps he'll get to face Dalton to settle the matter one way or another - but if Dalton is to get the once hapless Bengals into the playoffs AND make the Pro Bowl? There will have been worse award season crimes, but, statistics be damned, I can't think of any off the top of my head. So congratulations to Andy and thanks for giving us all a reason to care about the NFL this weekend, since the Cowboys are going to lose, and to care about the Pro Bowl for the first time ever.


VikingFrog said...

Dalton will not play in the pro bowl because he will be playing in the Super Bowl.

HFrog77 said...


Now THAT's optimism, but I like the way you think. It would suck if Scam Newton made ROTY.

VikingFrog said...

As much as it pains me to say it, Cam Newton deserves rookie of the year. So does Andy, but statistically Cam has been lighting it up. Breaking rookie passing records, breaking QB rushing TD records (Not Rookie Record, NFL Record). This on a team that is ranked 4th offensively and 22nd defensively in the NFL basically because of him.

Dalton wins it any other year.

Dalton has more wins, but is more of a game manager right now than highlight reel. The Bengals are ranked 6th defensively and 24th offensively.

Dalton makes the Bengals a better team.

Cam completely changes the Panthers team that ranked second to last offensively last year with the same players.

Hated the guy for what he was in college, but if you don't think he should be rookie of the year you are kidding yourself.

Spit Purple said...

Viking, I disagree and I'm not kidding myself. Pull up both of their stats, they aren't that different. Cam has more yards but he also has more pics. Passer ratings are pretty close and Dalton has thrown more touchdowns. Most importantly Dalton has more wins. Remember, before the season there was a lot of talk about Cincy ending up with the number one pick this year. No one was saying that about the Panthers. I don't think it is nearly as cut and dry as you.

VikingFrog said...

Again, not trying to detract from Dalton. I just still think Cam is clearly the easy pick for ROTY and I think NFL analysts will agree.

I can agree with you that passing wise, both are on a pretty equal playing ground and Andy probably even has a slight nudge here as he's a little better game manager.

Yards - Cam has 3893 to Dalton's 3166 - fairly insignificant in the scheme of things

Cam has 3 more picks - fairly insignificant, but if you want to give Dalton the nod here I think Cam makes up for it later.

Both have thrown for 20 touchdowns - Tie

Rating - Both are close - 85 Cam - 81.8 Dalton (Both great for rookie starters with a short offseason)

And now I'm about to fuck you up with some truth.

You can't ignore the big difference maker in Cam's legs and that has to be accounted for. 674 yards and 14 TDs on the ground. He's the 26th ranked rusher yardage wise and the 2nd ranked in rushing TDs right behind Shady McCoy AND he's a quarterback. He's ranked 1st in yards per attempt rushing. Which to me, means teams can't stop him because they have to give so much respect to both his arm and his legs.

Also, I agree with Dalton having more wins and in no way do I think the Bengals defense takes away from those wins, but Carolina's shitty defense has definitely added to Cam's loss column. If they could stop anything he'd have a couple more Ws and be close to Sir Dalton.

I love you Andy if you read this.

Spit Purple said...

At the end of the day, I think wins trump rushing yards. On the flip side of that, if Cam's defense didn't suck so hard he wouldn't have played in such an aggressive offensive scheme. So, sure Andy's D adds to his win total but Cam's lack of D adds to his numbers.

CFBMN said...

I call cage match between viking and spit!

(can I do that?)

VikingFrog said...

This is Spitblood, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

We forgot to mention that vikingfrog's true identity is Cecil Newton. OUTED!!