Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bah! Humbug!

So.... San Diego... Poin(tless)settia Bowl. Yay.

The positives: San Diego has nice weather, the rest of the season turned out to beat expectations, CGP now has the chance to tie Dutch Meyer's career win total this year.

The negatives: Nobody cares about this bowl, nobody cares about Louisiana Tech (no offense, LaTech), this is a colossal let down after this season, we'll most likely lose money on this deal.

I guess it's nice that we have gotten to the point that when we get invited to certain bowl games that it feels like punishment. That means we're accustomed to success and reaching lofty spots. And it probably sounds pretty pissy that we're complaining about this at all, but screw it.

Of all the locations that were potential destinations before the final BCS Poll came out (New Orleans, Vegas, San Diego, Shreveport), San Diego was I think, most folks least wanted. Even without the largely unlikely Sugar Bowl, Vegas is a party spot and Shreveport is within driving distance. San Diego.... been there, done that.

The rumor is that Vegas doesn't think Frog fans travel well (guess they haven't seen that aerial shot of the Rose Bowl last year). Most Frog fans and Alumni I know would be all over dropping bills in Vegas. Gambling... booze... all the stuff that the bowl's preferred BYU supporters wouldn't touch. And I guess that they figure more Tater Ponies will make the 500 miles to watch BSU play than would Frog Fans traveling 1000 miles. Never mind that neither distance can be described as "close". But hey, there ain't shit to do in Boise so I'm sure they'll go to Vegas so they can watch the Mouth Breather play one more time.

I really didn't feel like we earned a BCS spot anyway and I really just didn't want the Tater Ponies to get one. I mean, I don't really give a rat's ass about any game from here on out that the Frogs aren't in... but damn... this is just beyond disappointing.

I guess the players will enjoy playing one more game, but I also gotta figure that the Seniors, having been to the Rose Bowl, are kinda "meh." And most any Big12 bowl will be more exciting than this one so the guys coming back have something to look forward to. But will they really be overly motivated for a Monday night game just after Finals Week and just before Christmas? Hell, I think I'd just say screw it, I'm done with class and I'm going to go home and play Xbox til my thumbs fall off.

Two weeks from tomorrow... one of the selling points of the bowl season is the "extra practice time" the NCAA allows... wow... 2 weeks, one of those being Finals Week.

If this Bowl game operates the way most bowls do, we won't make much and will most likely lose money on the deal. This is an opponent that if they were on our regular season schedule would have other programs accusing us of scheduling cupcakes. Is there really a good reason to play this game?

I kinda wish we woulda just said, "Nah... that doesn't really appeal to us. We'll just spend more time on Finals and enjoy the extra time at home with our families than play in your utterly pointless exhibition."

Seriously, do we really get anything by playing in this useless handout bowl?


SwissArmyFrog said...

I just said, "Crap...!"

tcumaniac said...

From the fan stand point, this game is worthless and pointless... But the players get a free trip to San Diego and get to be pampered for a week, so it ain't all bad.

Slay Purple said...

I have said it before, and i'll say it again. Fuck you Rod Gilmore

Gringo1873 said...

Does anyone else think that this is a serious trap game for us?

Porkins said...

Can someone please explain the math to me?

TCU 10-2 Prev Rank 18

Harris Poll 15 RK
USA Poll 15 RK
Comp Avg. 17 RK
= 18 RK BCS


Baylor 9-3 Prev Rank 17

Harris Poll 16 RK
USA Poll 16 RK
Comp Avg. 11 RK
= 12 RK BCS

We should have moved up right along with Baylor. This whole thing sucks because I waited with anticipation, knowing deep down the system would find a way to totally SCREW TCU.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

It's a SERIOUS trap game.

I know it sucks we didn't get a BCS Bowl as we're accustomed to, especially considering all the teasing that went on leading up to it, but let's not just be complete dick brains about it. We're 10-2 and conference champs in a rebuilding year when the league basically arranged for Boise to go undefeated.

Worth Hills Caddy said...

James Dunbar summed it up nicely on Twitter from a players perspective " at least we will get to go home early"

Laces out Finkle said...

Not what anyone wanted but hey the truth is we are one overtime loss away from 3 BCS bowl in a row in an expected down year. It's a little tough to complain. The real complaint is how in the hell Texas is #24.

Travis said...

Great points by all, and I cannot figure out the fuzzy math either. Let's all take solace in the fact that going forard, winning takes care of everything!

I agreed with the first half of your post, and we all share the same frustrations of the second half of your post. However, I think Sir Wesley's follow-up post hits it the best. We really have become accustomed to winning, and we are justifiably a little spoiled. During a reloading, rebuilding, down year, or however you want to phrase it, TCU finished 10-2, won the conference, and knocked off Bosie on that JV smurf turf, thank you again Karma! The SMU is the only serious dark stain on the season, and yes it cost us all dearly, once again. However, Vegas and the douche bags at ESPN never would have had the Frogs as such big underdogs heading into the Boise game. I really think that may have been the difference maker in why we won. I wouldn't trade that victory and three straight undefeated(in conference play)MW championships. We will never know, but the Boise road game may have been an L if we hadn't lost to the Ponies?

Clark said...

I would rather TCU play a conference champ than a 6-6 ACC team. La Tech is no slouch. They have a great coach (Sonny Dykes) and a stud RB (Lennon Creer, who played his first two years at Tennessee, is from Texas, and a former 4-star recruit). The fact that we still feel like the "system screwed us" or that we are entitled to go to a BCS game is ridiculous. When you can't stop the deep ball and make field goals v. Baylor and SMU, you lose all credibility in your BCS arguments. To those of you that want to put the blame somewhere, don't blame the BCS, blame Ross Evans, who has now cost TCU chances at 2 BCS games (missed FGs in 2008 v. Utah and missed FGs in 2011 v. Baylor).

Snowfrog said...

I always like placing the blame on Evans!

EdK said...

I feel your pain, RA, I really do. But there are a few other comments with good points too.

1) It would have been great, but realistically, the Frogs were not one of the top ten teams in the country. Air Force and Boise State (I am not counting New Mex) were their only two start-to-finish, hey-they're-good games.

2) The TCU fans I've talked to said nobody wanted to go to Shreveport -- but they did want to go to Vegas. I am still perplexed that TCU didn't get an invite there.

3) OK, LaTech isn't very good. Half empty: Waste of time, trap game. Half full: Kick some ass on national TV, win 11 games, get some San Diego sun on the beach.

4) Baylor and Boise State didn't get to BCS games either. Now, that's worth a smile.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I'm just glad that we dropped an enormous turd on Boise State and the MWC. I mean, they gave us the finger and we basically cut it off. Instead of Boise going undefeated and getting a BCS Bowl, we swept the Conference for the third straight year, took the MWC Title, and now the MWC doesn't get that extra BCS $$$ boost they were hoping for. We couldn't have screwed over the MWC any better. And that makes me happy... not quite Rose Bowl win happy, but I think I'm actually happier that we didn't go to a BCS Bowl.
The Sugar Bowl would've been interesting, especially since TCU and the Sugar Bowl go waaaaaaay back... 1/1/1936, the 2nd ever Sugar Bowl, TCU beat LSU 3-2 and then TCU was there again 3 years later and beat Carnegie Tech 15-7. You might notice that those two appearances coincided with TCU's two claimed National Championships. We haven't been to the Sugar since.
So yeah, the Sugar Bowl would've been cool, but by not going, we did more damage to the MWC which probably is a bigger thing than us playing the game, especially since the whole MWC gets to share the money when one of its teams goes to a bowl.
And honestly, this year? I'd much rather f**k the MWC as much possible.

Tanner said...

i don't think anyone needs to be talking up la tech and their awesome coach and rb. remember the northern Illinois game? Garrett Wolfe? Anyone? yeah we crushed them, and we are going to crush this la tech 4 loss team. did we deserve a bcs? no. could we have gotten one? yes. that's what pisses me off.

i want to watch none of these games, including ours.

food for thought. if we had lost to boise, they might get bcs game, correct? then we might have gotten vegas? so that win screwed us both. makes total sense, in times like these anyway.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Tanner - disagree about not wanting to watch TCU, and I know you're blowing off steam, but your second point is what immediately jumped out at me yesterday - there are ZERO interesting bowl games. It's incredible how shitty the matchups are. We're supposed to get fired up for Ohio State and Florida because of Urban Meyer? Notre Dame and Florida State? Michigan/VT? The rematch? or, my personal favorite, SMU/PITT IN BIRMINGHAM!!! The ratings are going to be disastrous for ESPN.

Rotten Arsenal said...

SWW: Completely agree.

Travis: Solid. I agree about SMU/Boise. It's a lot like 2005 where losing to SMU probably made the guys mad enough to win every other game. And yeah, we're spoiled. But I'll still take spoiled over being at a level where becoming bowl eligible is a major goal for a season.

Clark: I get your point, but like I said... playing the same LaTech squad during the regular season would have had people screaming "played Nobody/Cupcake". That doesn't much change. This puts us in a position of having to win huge, otherwise we're "overrated." Sadly, in the college football world, a 7-5 ACC team outranks an 8-4 WAC champion. But hey, whatever, we can only play who they give us.
And as one of the biggest Ross Evans haters in the SB family, this year isn't solely on hist foot. Neither of our losses came down to a final play that Evans was in control of. Yeah, he left points on the table, but against SMU, the whole squad just played poorly. And Baylor... hey... the better team won, truthfully and we almost won rather than lost a game we should have won. Casey kept us in that game that the defense just couldn't handle.

EdK: 1) Totally agree. That's part of the reason I'm glad we're NOT going to the BCS. We didn't deserve it this year and it should just make Pachall and company that much hungrier next year.
2) I'm not saying we didn't want to go to Vegas over Shreveport. My point was that we wanted Vegas, but we all knew that wasn't going to happen. So, when it comes down to San Diego and Shreveport, it kinda comes down to which one can more of us realistically make?
3)If we have to play LaTech, I hope CGP motivates the guys to beat them New Mexico style.
4) Yeah, Baylor, SMU, and Boise... we're all in the same "not going to a Super Awesome Bowl Game", but we at least won a Conference title which is more than those boneheads can say.

Tanner said...

yes, don't get me wrong. I will watch it, just like I always do. (except for this past saturday, had baylor-texas tickets, still wore my tcu windbreaker). just sucks. RA is right though. winning the conference is what we need to focus on every year, we did it, and I couldn't be happier about that.

that said, it still sucks considering how close we were to a bcs return.