Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I want for Frog Christmas...

I'm not certain of the naughty or nice status of most of us here at Spit Blood- but nevertheless, it's Christmas Eve so we're going to set out some cookies and milk and let Santa know what we as Frog fans are hoping to find under the tree tomorrow morning...or in the next year or so. I'll start us off:

1. A strong finish to the basketball season. It's been a while since the Frogs were competetive all the way through the conference season, oh what I'd give for just one big, meaningful Saturday night conference game in a packed Daniel-Meyer. TCU is still the only team that has defeated Virginia this year, but they've also had some really ugly double-digit defeats. Hopefully we see more efforts like the one against UVA as the season goes on.

2. More quality football recruiting. GP & his staff have been assembling better classes every year, and this year's is certainly no different. With the few spots they have open for the Class of 2012, I hope they're able to go out and get a few top-notch future superstars.

3. Football season tickets that don't cost and arm and a leg. We've all been impressed with the renovations of Amon G. Carter Stadium, but have also been quietly concerned about the potential price increase once they are complete. I realize success comes at a price- figuratively and literally- but I'm also not made of money. I'd hate to see some passionate Frog fans be priced out of going to games next year.

4. A bounce-back year for the baseball team. It does sound kind of silly to say this after a year in which the Frogs won 43 games, another conference title and hosted an NCAA Regional for the third consecutive season...but last year's baseball season was a bit of a let-down based on the enormous potential of the team. I'd like to see the 2012 squad get back to the over-achieving ways of the 2010 team.

5. A time machine to take us to July 1st. Being future Big 12 members is pretty cool, but I'm about ready for this thing to be official!

Now it's your turn, person who is reading this blog instead of spending time with their family on Christmas Eve. Fill up the comments section with what's on your TCU sports wish-list.


shortnkerley's said...

RGIII and Landry Jones go pro.

What's a family???

NurseFrog31 said...

Cowboys draft Tank and RGIII. However, I'm pretty sure I'm leading the naughty list so I doubt Santa will be so kind to me. Merry Christmas Frog fans!

HFrog77 said...

#1 on my list is for the Frogs to bash the Longhorns next fall. That'll be SO sweet!