Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Weekend's Games of Interest

If this seems like it's just mailed in, it's because I typed it up on Monday morning. I'm no where near a computer right now.Wyoming (7-3) at Boise State (9-1) ~ 1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-I'm really not even sure this game has any bearing at all on the Frogs. Either way, one of their road wins will look better. Perhaps since TCU's resume is mostly built around the Boise win, we ought to root for the Broncos? Meh, I don't really care.

Air Force (6-5) at Colorado State (3-7) ~ 5:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Despite already having six wins, the Falcons actually still need to win this game to reach bowl eligibility because two of their wins have come against FCS opponents. If they are bowl eligibile and neither TCU nor Boise State reaches the BCS, the MWC will have 5 bowl eligible teams for 4 spots, meaning one team (probably Air Force) can be shopped around for an at-large spot.

San Diego State (6-4) at UNLV (2-8) ~ 9:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-This one might be the difference between the New Mexico Bowl or the Poinsettia Bowl for San Diego State. Then again, I don't care enough to double-check that.

New Mexico (1-10) is idle this week. But they'll probably get beaten by their turkey dinners.

TCU non-conference opponents:

SMU (6-5) vs Rice (4-7) ~ 11:00am Saturday on FSN
-Just because we might be scrapping for every possible decimal points for TCU to get to #16 in the BCS rankings, it'd be good if the Ponies could pull out of their late-season slump to grab one last regular-season win against the Owls.

BYU (8-3), Portland State (7-4) and Louisiana-Monroe (3-8) are all idle this weekend.

Texas (6-4) at Texas A&M (6-5) ~ 7:00pm Thursday on ESPN
-The best part about this game? One of them has to lose!

Iowa State (6-4) at Oklahoma (8-2) ~ 11:00am Saturday on FX
-Oh man, what did I tell you about the Cyclones? I'm somewhat tempted to call for them to pull off a second consecutive upset, but I think the Sooners will be playing angry after their loss in Waco last week.

Missouri (6-5) vs Kansas (2-9) ~ @ Kansas City ~ 2:30pm Saturday on FSN
-For the jean-shorts wearing folks of the Big 12 North, this is apparently a pretty big rivalry. And since Missouri is headed off to the SEC, this might be their last meeting for a while. I probably won't watch it.

Texas Tech (5-6) vs Baylor (7-3) ~ @ Jerry World ~ 7:00pm Saturday on FSN
-As much as I don't want to ever root for Baylor, and as counter-productive as that might or might not be in terms of TCU's BCS chances, I've got to root for Tech to not make it to a bowl game.

Kansas State (9-2) and Oklahoma State (10-1) are idle this week


EdK said...

Well, it looks like Houston is for real ... or as real as it gets, in relation to the Frogs.

Oh, well, Indy Bowl here we come!

girlfrog2003 said...

It looked promising in the first quarter but then Tulsa gave it up.
It was a nice thought though.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I hope we end up in the Indy Bowl. The Poinsettia is saying they prefer TCU or Boise over SDSU. I just hope the MWC uses whatever miniscule influence it has on the bowl officials to set up the best bowls for each fanbase: TCU in the Independence, Boise in Vegas, and SDSU in the Poinsettia. That also would maximize attendance for each school's fans.