Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Weekend's Games of Interest

Boise State (8-1) at San Diego State (6-3) ~ 7:00pm Saturday on CBS College
-Suddenly sans milkshake, Donkey heads to the beach to unwind this weekend. I'll actually be interested to see how Casey Affleck & company bounce back from their defeat- will they revert back to their usual winning form and dominate the Aztecs, or will they still be hungover on their homemade potato liquor and stumble to another loss? Will their kicker even be allowed on the team plane? SDSU can be dangerous, but Ronnie Hillman is questionable to play in this one.

UNLV (2-7) at Air Force (5-5) ~ 5:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-The folks at UNLV gave head coach Bobby Hauck a two-year contract extension back on September 8th. He was 2-12 at the time, and has gone 2-6 since...including a loss to New Mexico last week. I need a job where I can earn $350,000 a year with that kind of success rate! Because the fly-boys from Air Force played two FCS teams earlier in the year, they actually still need two more victories to reach bowl eligibility- something Frog fans ought to be cheering for because it could open up more potential bowl destinations.

New Mexico (1-9) at Wyoming (6-3) ~ 1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-It's Senior Day for Doo-Doo Brown, who'll be looking to strengthen their resume for bowl suitors against the Lobos- who come into Laramie sporting a fancy new one-game win streak! UNM football is about to get a lot more excited though, as they've just hired Bob Davie to take over their program- the former Notre Dame head coach and Texas A&M assistZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

TCU non-conference opponents:

SMU (6-4) at Houston (10-0) ~ 2:30pm Saturday on FSN
-I know we're supposed to be cheering against Cougar High, but I'm not sure a loss against SMU would have quite the impact we're looking for...especially since, you know, the Frogs also lost to SMU (frusharusharusha). Even with a loss this weekend- they could still come back to beat Tulsa, beat Southern Miss and snag that BCS spot. I'm just trying to rationalize a way that I don't have to cheer for SMU.

BYU (7-3) vs New Mexico State (4-6) ~ 9:15pm Saturday on ESPNU
-Wow, look at what exotic scheduling opportunities have arisen for BYU after they so boldly acted like children and pouted their way out of the Mountain West (not that I'm blaming them now- thanks for contributing to us getting into the Big 12, ya loonies!). Their reward for what will probably end up being a 9-3 season? A trip to the Armed Forces Bowl in University Park, which I'm pretty sure has an ordinance against door-to-door soul-stealing.

Portland State (7-3) vs Weber State (4-6) ~ 3:00pm Saturday
-The Vikings are looking to close out their 2011 season with five straight victories, and they'll do so at home against a middle-of-the-pack Weber State squad. Remember Weber State? Perhaps this montage set to the biggest cliche montage song ever will remind you.

Louisiana Monroe (3-7) vs. Florida International (2-6) ~ 4:00pm Saturday
-Jyruss Edwards' 191-yard rushing afternoon helped the Warhawks break a three-game slide last week in a blow out win over Middle Tennessee State. On Senior Day in Monroe, they'll look to finish strong against an already bowl-eligible squad from FIU.

Oklahoma State (10-0) at Iowa State (5-4) ~ 7:00pm Friday on ESPN
-You heard it here first: watch out for the Cyclones in this one! They've had a week off to prepare for OSU, they'll be desperate for a win (they need one to reach bowl eligibility but have a tough remaining slate) and the Cowboys may be looking ahead to Bedlam. Expect to hear Rod Gilmore lobbying for his one-loss Stanford Cardinal quite a bit, and possibly also going out of his way to denigrate TCU- that's his specialty!

Kansas (2-8) at Texas A&M (5-5) ~ 11:00am Saturday on FSN
-KU almost beat Baylor last week, do you think Turner Gill can rally the troops for another upset bid in College Station this weekend? Probably not, but even if the Jayhawks can keep it close for a little while, I'll be laughing at the further destruction of aggy's "Dream Season".

Texas Tech (5-5) at Missouri (5-5) ~ 2:30pm Saturday on ABC
-The only reason I can figure out that this game would be on ABC is because most of the nation, like me, is wondering just how in the Z the Red Raiders beat OU. Since that win in Norman, they've been outscored 159-33 in consecutive losses to Iowa State, Texas and Oklahoma State. With just two games remaining, Tech's 11-year bowl streak is in serious jeopardy.

Oklahoma (8-1) at Baylor (6-3) ~ 7:00pm Saturday on ABC
-I'm conflicted here. A win by Baylor makes our loss to them not look quite so bad, but the Bears are just three spots behind the Frogs in the BCS standings. I guess we want Baylor to lose, but keep it close?

Kansas State (8-2) at Texas (6-3) ~ 7:00pm Saturday on FX
-Would a K-State loss here (they're ranked #13 in the BCS) drop them behind the Frogs? Would a win by Texas (they're currently #23) push them up ahead of TCU? Who am I, Brad Edwards (and did Sir Wesley use that exact line in his post yesterday?)? I'm not sure of the answers to those questions, but if the Longhorns can't get at least one of their top RBs back healthy, this one might not even be close.


EdK said...

My philosophy about "other" games is that whoever is ahead of us, I root against. I don't worry much about teams jumping us -- there usually is another game down the road for those teams to lose, i.e. Baylor or Texas.

And I always root for teams we've played -- that includes the hated Mustangs and the irrelevant Bears.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I have a SERIOUSLY hard time rooting for SMU even when I know it will directly help us, but in this case it doesn't hurt too bad. Their GREATEST SEASON EVER is down the tubes so it's not like beating Houston really does anything for them except position them for a bowl that sucks only a little bit less than wherever they are currently slated. Plus, BCS! BCS! BCS! BCS blinders are very strong is matters such as these.

I still can't cheer for Baylor though.

Trey said...

If Houston loses to SMU no way they would still make the Sugar Bowl ahead of us. There loss would be later in the season and we would get in because of what we have done the last few seasons. Surely the Sugar Bowl would rather us play Alabama than see UH get absolutely pile drived by the Tide.

EdK said...

I'm always willing to sell my soul for a few spots in the AP poll, so I can endure success for Baylor and SMU.

I will, however, NEVER root for A #@*$ M, BCS bid or not.

It would be intersting to see what the BCS computers would do to Houston if it lost to SMU, but as I stated before -- Tulsa's Golden Hurrincanes are TCU's Golden Ticket to the BCS.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Southern Miss goes down to the 2-8 UAB Blazers! Anyone else starting to get some seriously good vibes about the Frogs' BCS chances?!

EdK said...

Southern Miss ... BYE-BYE!

Maybe the Mustangs CAN beat Houston after all.

FrogHorn07 said...

I think it is too early for a U of H loss to drop them below us in the final polls. I think we need them to fall to Tulsa or USM for TCU to finish higher in the final BCS standing.