Sunday, November 20, 2011

This makes about as much sense as Frozen Pizza for Thanksgiving Dinner

Okay, now I have a long standing hatred of the Fort Worth Weekly (*Please note: This statement is the solely the opinion of Rotten Arsenal and does not necessarily reflect the the views and opinions of other members of Spit Blood) which dates back over a decade to a dispute I had with KTCU. I do however thank them for giving Spit Blood props, but then they go and do this in their annual "Turkey Awards":

"Shortly after last year’s Turkey Awards issue hit the streets, Texas Christian University announced it would move to the Big East sports conference in 2012. This year, we hadn’t even opened the cranberry sauce before TCU reversed course and announced it’s moving to the Big 12, leaving the Big East high and dry. The school came in for some well-deserved ridicule, especially in light of the havoc this has undoubtedly caused for TCU’s 17 non-football sports teams. Still, we have to save a big portion of turkey for the whole miserable, broken, tottering, more-corrupt-than-Burma college athletics system that has made it worthwhile for schools like TCU to conference-hop like ADD sufferers with the TV remote. Come the 2012 Turkeys, the conferences will all be dead, and college football’s championship will be determined by a giant March Madness-style bracket. OK, has everyone chosen the holiday morsels they want? Great, now switch plates with someone else."


Now, of course, we must remember that the Fort Worth Weekly is generally opposed to anybody that is successful or powerful, and love to champion the poor, mistreated, vocal activist types who try to stick it to "the man", but this is really just idiotic.
"Well deserved ridicule"? Huh? For what? Because TCU said, "Yeah we realize that we said we were going to leave one conference for a slightly better conference because we though we could have more success, but then we changed our minds when it looked like the new conference was already falling apart and an even more lucrative opportunity that included less travel and a renewal of many old rivalries."  I guess that the FWeekly would just stick with a recent purchase, even if that purchase turned out to be a dud and someone offered to upgrade it to a better item. 

And I'm sure the "Havoc" that our non-football programs are feeling is nominal at best and the administrators, coaches, and players are all thrilled. 

The attempt at spinning it away from TCU and towards the BCS itself shows just how clueless these folks are about sports. This system will still be going strong next year and who knows for how long (although if the SEC gets a stranglehold on NCG, I'd be willing to bet there would be some new support from the non-SEC commissioners for a playoff).

Perhaps our local tabloid should stick to writing about things they marginally know about, like how awful the local media is, evil gas companies, and stupid politicians, and leave the college athletics to somebody else.

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That's why great TCU fans should champion :D