Sunday, November 13, 2011


Damn straight... It takes some courage, some determination, some fierce killer instinct, some sleeve tats and a Dalton mohawk plus++ to do what our young reptilian brothers have just done.

This game alone; in concrete, shows how serious we are about T-C-U football in the state of Texas in the United States of America. God bless our veterans.

To be honest with y'all, I got a Froner when I looked at Casey's numbers from today. Damn tremendous. But the whole young gun team deserves a finger clap or two.

I could rattle off names and benchmark achievements until sun rise, but I'll leave that to our award winning sportscasting writers.

Great job boys, I mean "men". But know it doesn't stop here, Expectations haven't changed and that chip will never leave your shoulder.

-Crazy D - out


EdK said...

Twelve hours after coming down from my orgasmic football high, I just have to say this:

TCU may not always field great teams, but the "program" is officially among the elite in college football.

Coaching staff, facilities, roster quality and depth, conditioning ... and freakin' HEART and SWAGGER -- I'd put TCU up against any school in the country, any day.

It wasn't luck that won Saturday's game, just the opposite. TCU overcame a tough home crowd, a talented team and the worst officiating outside of a peewee league to win that game.

Pachall, Boyce, Carter, Carder, Cuba, Maponga, Dooley, Kelton, Battle, Cain, Johnsons ... so many contributors.

But let's not forget these names either or ever: Anderson, Bumpas, Fuente, Sharp, Tademy, Williamson, the half-dozen guys I can't remember at this moment, and Coach GMFPOMG.

The sky is the limit!

shortnkerley's said...

It's comments like that one that let me know deep down EdK is actually a good dude. Well said.

Slay Purple said...

The MTN did a good job of cutting out some of the shittiest calls I have ever seen. Nothing like having everything stacked against you and still walking away with a win.