Saturday, November 5, 2011

TCU 31, Wyoming 20

Frogs overcome turnovers, penalties to beat Cowboys Star-Telegram


EdK said...

Bring on Boise!

Well ... another week of practice won't hurt.

The good:

Wesley is The Man and Tucker is the workhorse, but I think it's time to acknowledge that Waymon James is one fantastic running back.

Ross Evans love now, anyone?

TCU's defense may not be able to stop Boise or even a lot of teams this year, but I guarantee you it is going to kick ass for the next three years. Johnson, Johnson, Anderson, Anderson, Graves, Hunter, Lewis ... these guys are going to be seriously good in a year or two.

I think The Tank is starting to come alive.

The bad:

It clearly looks like the offensive staff is treating Casey Pachall like he is Andy Dalton, senior edition, instead of Andy Dalton, sophomore edition. He's being asked to do way too much, and his inexperience has really shown the last three weeks.

Wherefore art thou, Antoine?

I wonder what the final score would have been if Wyoming's QB had played the whole game ... brrrrrrr.

shortnkerley's said...

Solid comment, but you seem to have neglected the fact that both Wesley and Tucker can't hold on to the ball. It's waymon James time. Also, I think CP managed that game pretty well considering the conditions. A well plated game by him except for one bad decision, which Jonathan jones stopping on the route didn't help.

EdK said...

snk, the fumblitis was obvious. But Wesley and Tucker have been pretty good at holding onto the ball throughout their careers, so I'm not too concerned.

But, I agree also, James needs to carry the ball more -- which goes back to my Pachall remark. Wesley and James BOTH bite off 5-to-10 yards at a time. I think Fuente calls too many first-down passes, which just puts pressure on the QB if it becomes second-and-10 or, God forbid, he gets sacked.

Wow, that does sound familiar, don't it ...

Rotten Arsenal said...

Hey, at least it ain't Schultz

Tyler said...

Waymon James is really good. 8.5 per carry on the year.

Pachall played a good game outside of one pass. We have to treat him like senior year Dalton if we want to beat Boise on Saturday.

Pachall with Kerley, Jimmy Young, and Bart Johnson in addition to Boyce would be just as good in the passing game as Dalton was last year.

EdK said...

I like your attitude Tyler, but Dalton made the receivers good, not the other way around. Even Kerley. I don't recall too many circus catches from any of them, except for Young.

(And Dalton beat an equally good Boise team in the Poinsettia Bowl as a sophomore.)

Pachall is playing BEYOND expectations. I just think he's being forced into too many reads and complicated pass plays. Keep it simple ... and run the ball down their blue-turfed throats.

purpleheart said...

Hopefully it'll look something like this after next weekend... hopefully.

Tyler said...

That's true EdK.

But I still think that this year's receiving core is far subpar to last year when we had three very good seniors running routes.

There's been on particular senior receiver that has broken off his route twice, leading to interceptions. Bad throws, but should have been incompletions instead of INTs.

Pachall really needs to calm down in the red zone though. That's the only time I get very nervous with him.

ctbeecherl said...

Equally good Boise team, I think not. Yall are not giving enough credit to a senior quarterback and experience. Yes, I want to win next week, but we better play better than we have X2 than any game we have played so far this year.

EdK said...

Kellan Moore may be a senior, but Austin Pettis and Titus Young are gone and so is a slew of the defenders from that 2009 team. This year's team is almost the same as last year's edition, but the 2009 team was as goood, if not better, than both.

VikingFrog said...

The MTN may be the worst broadcast station in the world. I don't have enough space to list off all the things that were wrong and atrocious with Saturday's broadcast and the power failure was the least of my worries.

Good riddance to this channel when we leave.