Friday, November 18, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU vs. Colorado State

By now, I think you all know what Friday means on this here blog. Before your parents let you order a pizza while watching Urkel and Perfect Strangers, you've got to register your prediction on tomorrow's game between TCU and Colorado State.

The predictions we're looking for in the comments section this week are:

-The final score
-MVPs on offense, defense and special teams
-Total number of QBs used by both teams
-Percentage of club-area seats that are filled
-The final score of the TCU-UVA basketball game tonight


Lyle Lanley said...

Give me 31-7, Frogs.

Offense: Back to the ground game, with Tucker taking his turn as the leader.

Defense: Jason Verrett...TWO interceptions!

Special Teams: A jarring hit from either Antonio Graves or Marcus Mallett

4 QBs used: Pachall, Brown, Thomas and G-Man

Richy McRich fans continue their poor support: club seats 60% full in the first half, 25% second half

Jimmy C and the BasketFrogs with an upset in St. Thomas, beat the Cavaliers 71-68

shortnkerley's said...

52-10 Frogs.

Give me the Pachall-Boyce duo I've been lauding all week to continue to roll in this one.

On defense, I'd say Tank, and I think he gets a pick 6, which would give him 3 in his career I believe.

Special teams- whoever kicks off, because it better fucking not be Ross Evans.

4 QB's, same as Lyle said.

I'll say they up it to 70% first half because they are hardcore fair weather over there. 30% once the game is in hand at the half.

Still don't give a shit about our basketball team until they give me a reason to- 77-54 UVA. Looks like it may be a season sans basketball for SnK.

Reed said...

48-10 frogs

Running game scores 4 touchdowns.

Defense plays shut down except a crap touchdown in the fourth that gary looses his mind over.

Pachall has 1 td, Brown rushes for 1 td

Fan support is better now that weather is better.

Im expecting a very impressive showing for frog nation in all phases. COME ON SWOOPES JUST COMMIT !!

Tyler said...

42 - 10 Frogs

Offense - Waymon James. Passing game only gets a few opportunities.

ST - Anybody but Ross Evans.

3 QB's... G-Man, Pachall and Brown.

75% I really think we get a good showing.

Any score where Virginia has more points than TCU.

Curt McDurt said...
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Curt McDurt said...

Frogs 48 - 14
Offense: Pachall
Defense: Maponga (4 sacks)
Special Teams: NOT ROSS EVENS
QB's used: 4
Club seats: 74.827338% full
BBALL: TCU 61 - UVA 53

FrogHorn07 said...

62-6, TCU

O: Pachall/Hicks
CP: 352yd 4/0 TD/Int
AH: 153yd 2TD

D: Maponga, 2 TFL 1 sack 1 FF

ST: McCoy, 2 returns, 83yd (gets tripped by the kicker at the fifty to open the second half)

3 QBs: Pachall and Brown for TCU, the "G-man" for the Rams

UVA by double digits, but the Frogs win the losers bracket, so all in all a good trip.

VikingFrog said...

58 - 0 Frogs.

HAIR said...

48-10 FROGS
Offense: JB continues his tear
Special teams: Nobody. We continue to go for 2pt. conversions,since the success ratio is eual to that of an PAT.
Defense: Kenny Cain, 1 sack, 9 tackles, 1 int
Attendance: 73% unitl half, 25% after

D said...

65 - 13 HornedFrogs

O - Hicks - get the SR some TD's

4th quarter - Brown runs the show

Att - little above average

Don't care about basketball

Curt McDurt said...

Dear Hair,
You are stupid.

ctbeecherl said...

-The final score -- 35-17
-MVPs on offense -- O Line
-defense -- Fobbs
and special teams - anyone but evans
-Total number of QBs used by both teams - 4
-Percentage of club-area seats that are filled 40%
-The final score of the TCU-UVA basketball game tonight-64-72

RRR said...

O- Waymon James
D- Stansley Maponga
ST- Ross Evans because...whatever.
4 QBS used
UVA 75, TCU 60

EdK said...

I agree with Lyle. Low-scoring game for the Frogs, but an easy win.

Also, before the euphoria completely wears off, I wanted to give a shout out for unsung heroes Antonio Graves, Jeff Olsen, Robert Deck and Johnny Fobbs against BSU.

On a different note, it's unfortunate that just when Matthew Tucker is running as well as he ever has, he's been losing carries to Waymon James. I've always thought he was the third-best back -- I was SO HAPPY the coaches realized that James needed to close out the Rose Bowl! -- but Tucker has really run tough this year.

Unfortunately, James is too good to get less than eight carries a game and Wesley, of course, needs at least ten.

SwissArmyFrog said...

Frogs, 45-10

Off. MVP - Waymon James
Defensive MVP - The freshman safety
Special Teams MVP - the real McCoy

QBs used - 2 by each team

Don't know what the club area seats are. But, this will be my first game this season. Be interesting to see.

Not a BBL fan... Erm...67-60, Virginia?

shortnkerley's said...

Waymon is getting the carries now bc he has proven that he doesn't fumble. That's been the only issue with the others.

EdK said...

After spending more time than I should studying the BCS standings, I have concluded that Texas MUST defeat Kansas State today or TCU's chances for finishing in the top 16 are surprisingly slim.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Edk- are you not afraid that texas would jump us ir are you counting on them losing to Aggy? I see your point, just curious.

Is anyone watching gamedsy? U of h kind of looks like a prison

Sir Wesley Willis said...

And definitely has high school qualities

VikingFrog said...

Is there symbol the shocker?

EdK said...

Barring upsets -- although there is probably going to be more before the end -- I don't see any more than two or three of the teams in front of TCU falling behind us -- the Michigan/Nebraska loser is one. Who else?

Kansas State if they lose to Texas. Georgia maybe if they lose the title game but probably not. Wisconsin only if Illinois upsets them. Michigan State no. Houston ... we'll see. South Carolina doubtful. Boise no way.

None of the top ten will fall behind us, win or lose.

See what I mean?

Reed said...

yes, UH's hand sign is the shocker