Friday, November 11, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU vs. Boise State

This is definitely a strange place for the Frogs, as they haven't been such big underdogs in quite some time. So little a chance is being granted TCU by the so-called experts, that I have to admit not even being nervous about tomorrow's game: if they win, that'd be awesome, but I'm definitely not going to feel let down if the Broncos do indeed beat them.

By now, most of you know the drill- but we probably have a few visiting Boise readers (who we encourage to participate in our little Friday afternoon tradition). Fill up our comments section with the following predictions about tomorrow's game and a few other things going on this weekend:

-The final score between TCU and Boise
-Who will shine for the Frogs on offense, defense and special teams
-What will be the most telling stat in the final box score
-What will be the score in the Bengals/Steelers game on Sunday, and how will Dalton play
-What will be the score in tonight's TCU-Florida Gulf Coast basketball game
-How many games will the TCU men's basketball team win this year


shortnkerley's said...

I predict this will be the first time ever in the predictions thread someone will pick against TCU...

...but it won't be me.

35-31 Frogs.

The 3 headed monster dominates from start to finish.

Tank picks up where he left off last week.

Brandon Carter returns to give us stellar field position on the few Boise punts.

Bengals fall in a close one, 21-17, but Dalton doesn't make many mistakes.

Basketball- meh. 75-50 and we win 12 games this year, finally topping the football team's total in wins.

Lyle Lanley said...

-I'd love to go with my heart and pick the Frogs, but I'm gonna go with my head and pick the Broncos, 38-28.

-On offense, give me the Frogs' O-Line. I'll think they'll keep Pachall's jersey free of blue smudges and open up some holes for the TCU running backs to keep us in the game. Give me Wesley to take this turn as the leading rusher.

-On defense, I see Kenny Cain having a big day. We've seen more and more flashes from him as of late, and I think he's ready to really shine.

-On special teams, one of the young guys on kick or punt coverage is going to cause a turnover. I'm gonna guess Gildon or Graves.

-Unfortunately, I think the most telling stat will be Boise's ability to convert on 3rd down.

-Give me the Bengals shocking the world by beating the Steelers and going to 7-2 on the year. Dalton: 21-31, 236 yards 1 TD/0 INT, 1 rushing TD. And I won't get to watch it because the Cowboys are on the same channel at the same time.

-Frogs roll FGC tonight, 81-59.

-Christian & company finally turn the corner this year and finish above .500 with 18 W's and an appearance in one of those sub-NIT tournaments...which I'd actually be pretty pumped about.

shortnkerley's said...


Maybe you should just show up at SWW's house on Sunday with a pizza and a few beers and get your Sunday Ticket on. He won't be able to turn you away.

FrogHorn07 said...

45-27 Boise

O: The three headed running machine get most the work done.

D: The Tank

ST: abysmal (Ross: 3-4 XP)

Telling Stat: Number of punts

27-20 Ginger power

In hoops: 72-43
On the season: 14-14 (5-9) (2-0 versus Boise)

Sir Wesley Willis said...

SWW will be spectating the miserable Cowboys in person. This is not an exciting proposition

HFrog77 said...

It's cool here in Boise, but not freezing like the Frogs faced last week.

Not going to go down the whole list of predictions, but TCU wins in a high-scoring nail-biter 38-34.

I think our receivers will make some clutch catches and fewer drops, and they can't bottle up our run game.

The mouth-breather gets his 2 TDs, but at least 1 interception and our linebackers and safeties will make some great plays.

I'll be hoarse for a week (like after the Rose Bowl), but fly home happy with a W.

general125 said...

- 42-45 Boise Win, I can't imagine our defense can stop their passing attack.

- The Bengales beat the Steelers 13-10 with Dalton taking them down the field to set up a game winning FG.

- 81-60 is the score of the basketball game.

- There will be hope until the conference schedule starts. We'll finish at .500 on the season and be the 4-seed in the conference tournament.

Tyler said...

27 - 13 Boise State.

Offense - Bowling Ball

Defense - Cain

ST - Nobody.

Stat - sacks/hurries. We will have almost none on Simple Jack. The Boise air attack will shred our safeties. Boise defense will be better than expected.

17 -10 Steelers. Dalton has a rough day. 2 Int's, 1 TD. No shame though... Steelers are legendary against rookie QB's.

75 - 60... 13 wins this year.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

considering kermit has never thrown a TD against TCU, I will say he gets 2 maximum...with that being said the score will 24-21 frogs pull out the victory...patterson is gunna dial up something special


McCoy---why not?

bengals win

basketball 20 win season

Tal Anton said...

Ok... how 'bout this: If the Frogs win over Boise (and then win out), they'd go to... the LAS VEGAS BOWL (by virtue of winning the conference and no chance of a BCS bid).

If the Frogs lose (and then win out), they'd go to...get ready for this... the LAS VEGAS BOWL. Why? Because Boise would likely get a BCS bid and by finishing 2nd in the conference, TCU would get the bid to the Vegas bowl.

So...let's get ready...VEGAS STYLE CHRISTMAS Baby!

Any comments?

jrosstx said...
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Gringo1873 said...

Kellen Moore is the kind of club-toting, raw-meat-eating, Me-Tarzan-You-Jane-ing, big, bald bubblehead that can only count to ten if he's barefoot or wearing sandals.

Frogs win 38-34 behind a dominant 3-headed running attack and an injury to Moore early in the game. He's back in the game, playing with pain in the 4th quarter, but it's not enough to bring the donkeys back. #7 has a TD return. Dalton wins again. Frog b-ball shows some promise tonight and wins 15 games this year.

Reed said...

41-38 frogs

we are down by 17 at one point, boise gets complacent frogs get into a rhythm, and its a tight 4th.

I think Verrett makes play of game on defense with pick that sets us up with good field position.

ST - 1 good punt return

I totally think Pachall to Boyce deep is gonna happen. EdWayMat set up the play action.

BBall - Frogs win 19 games this year

Slay Purple said...

Maybe because I seem to be the only one who thought the LSU-Bama game was amazing, but I think that both defenses are going to do well.

23-21 Frogs

O: Pachall does a good job of managing the game

D: GMFP, but if we are limiting this to players then I plan to see Maponga layout mouth-breather with at least one of his "Damn, he knocked the shit out of him" hits.

S: KR & PR coverage boys

Stat: Turnovers will decide this game

Dalton carries the Bengals in the closing minutes, per usual.

Basketball wins by 1 pt (I cheated)

Lets get ready for Vegas