Thursday, November 3, 2011

Players to Watch: The Wyoming Ice Bowl

Considering the circumstances of Saturdays game- for those who somehow don't know yet, it's gonna be colder and whiter than Al Davis's corpse, and wind will be blowing more vigorously than Kim Kardashian on Ray J- I'd say the players to watch most certainly have to focus on the guys who are going to be running the ball and making the tackles, even though we are susceptible to getting torched vertically and have shown our own big play ability in the air. If we get burned through the air in a snowstorm, I'd say we are pretty screwed a week later when we play Boise and I don't want to think about that yet, so we'll keep the players to watch grounded.

Offense: Alvester Alexander (Jr. RB, 5'11, 208 #32)

Alexander was an honorable mention All-MWC performer last season after amassing 792 rushing yards as well as 14 TD's, and he's 1 yard away from being the team's leading rusher so far this season with a total of 370 yards and second on the team in TD's with 4. His 81 carries lead the team, so you can expect him to shoulder the load when the Cowboys have the ball, although there are 3 others on the squad with over 50 carries (Ghaali Muhammad, Brandon Miller, and QB Brett Smith, who leads the team with 6 rushing TD's). Alexander can also be a receiving threat out of the backfield as well, and in snowy conditions I'd expect short passes to the RB to be pretty commonplace. So far, he has 175 yards on 10 catches with no TD's, so although he doesn't have a lot of catches, his 17.5 yards per catch should be alarming considering how our LB's have struggled in pass coverage this year.

Defense: Gabe Knapton (Sr. DE, 6'3, 263 #52)


There's really no other way to describe Knapton than that he's just a beast. I mean, look at that beard. He makes Mike Napoli look like a big vagina. Seriously. He performs on the field, too. In 2010 he led all MWC defensive linemen with 67 tackles on his way to an honorable mention All-MWC performance. He's already topped his 4 sacks last year with 5 so far this season, and he's third on the team with 44 tackles thus far. He's also blocked a kick, so if there's ever a time for Ross Evans to start being bad Ross Evans again, it would be in the snow with a bearded, kick blocking monster in front of him. I know my intro said I would focus on the guys mainly focused on stopping the run, but for a defensive end he sure is tough to handle in the trenches. It should be noted that all of his tackles for loss this year have been sacks though. Honestly though, he does seem like a pretty good player, but I really just wanted to put his picture on here because he's a creepy looking dude.


EdK said...

Really, shave off the beard and let his hair grow in and he doesn't look much different from any other 6-foot-3, 263-pound angry college student.

In fact, underneath it all, he may even have the same baby-faced visage worn by one D.J. Yendrey.

shortnkerley's said...

Yeah, but that shaved head and thick beard look just screams death metal psychopath to me.