Thursday, November 17, 2011

Players to Watch: Colorado State Rams

It's Thursday morning and I'm finally starting to come down from my Boise high and ready to focus on the rest of the season now. Okay, so not really, but I'll give it my best shot. As is the case with many of our mediocre MWC opponents, I'm not too familiar with the Colorado State roster and haven't seen them play much. I'm sorry, I don't sit around on Saturday afternoons and watch low-definition games with no instant replay on The Mtn. Seriously, I'd rather subject myself to BYU-TV for 24 hours straight than a CSU/UNLV battle on The Mtn, and the picture quality would probably be way better. Not to mention it'd probably be funnier. So I'll try my best, kind of, to list off a couple players to watch for Saturday afternoon's game.

Offense: WR Lou Greenwood (Jr. 6' 181, #1)

Okay, so that's not Lou Greenwood. That's American bad ass Lee Greenwood, the man whose lyrics have been mimicked by every redneck in America at a karaoke bar at some point in their lives. Lou, not Lee, Greenwood is a junior from Conroe, TX, and yes, the main reason he's the player to watch this week is because of the obvious comparison we can make the the King of The 4th of July, but he's actually putting together a pretty good year. He's hauled in 23 catches for 337 yards, averaging 14.7 yards per catch, and 2 TD's, good for second on the team. He's also carried the ball 6 times for a net of -3 yards, so let's not exactly consider this proud American a rushing threat. He does appear to be their big play receiver though. His 14.7 yards per catch is second on the team, behind only a friend of friends of spitblood, RS Freshman WR Thomas Coffman, who has only 7 catches on the year but has totaled 200 yards, good for an astounding 28.6 yards per catch. Let's hope our corners don't lose these two guys deep, because they've clearly got some big-play ability.

Defense: CB Momo (no typo) Thomas (Jr. 5'9 183, #5)

Congrats, Momo. You've drawn the unenviable task of defending the great Josh Boyce Saturday afternoon. I'm sure you've watched plenty of Boise State game film and are thinking "ohhhh shit" and have had to change your undies several times already. After seeing Fuenderson and Pachall's offensive philosophy change to "F it. Let's go deep" last week, I don't expect things to change. It's safe to say that our offense was fairly efficient with that approach, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Momo has 2 interceptions on the year, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery, so he's putting together a pretty nice season, but after perusing their schedule it's safe to say he hasn't seen a combination as deadly as Pachall to Boyce (that's right, Kellen Moore and Tyler Shoemaker, I said it). Of course, the frightening task of covering Boyce could fall into the lap of sophomore Shaq Bell (no relation to O'Neal that I'm aware of), but that just means you get a chance to line up against our new found weapon and complete burner Brandon Carter, who is so dirty that he causes DB's to pull hammies while chasing him. Good luck, guys. Maybe we'll be nice this week and just run it down your throats with the running backs, who should be well rested after last week's game. However, I want to see the air-it-out attack again and watch DB's look silly.


Travis said...

Vegas has has us as 33 point favorites, so I hope we play like the spread! Player's comments seem to show focus and maturity, so I am not expecting anything but a romp on a beautiful, Fall Fort Worth afternoon!

VikingFrog said...

Shut them out.